Around this time last year, Leeds fans were reacting in horror to the now infamous badge that Andrea Radrizzani and “100,000 others” had selected to be the face of this club. Luckily, Leeds fans kicked up enough of a fuss to get that decision reversed almost immediately. Fast-forward to today and Leeds have a new centenary badge, according to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post, which can be seen here –

It’s clearly not as shocking as last year, they’ve gone for a safe option. I don’t really see the appeal myself, this fascination that Radrizzani has with including “Leeds United” in full on the badge is a weird one to me. We may not be the smartest set of supporters but we know what “LUFC” stands for.

But how have the fan base reacted so far? Let’s take a look at some of the better responses…

I can’t lie, this would be a great shout.

Backing up my own point here but really, why?

The glass half-full approach is appreciated here.

Overall, the badge is decent and could be much worse. It’s not Leeds colours though, surely that’s easy enough to deliver?

Let us know what you think of the club’s centenary badge!