This time last year Leeds were about to embark on a pre season trip to Italy under the now forgettable leadership of the former Forest Green Manager Dave Hockaday. Our captain Ross Mccormack had just been reported to of handed in a transfer request and Leeds had yet to make a signing. The trip to Italy did provide an emphatic 16-0 win over the Italian minnows Fc Gherdeina and even included a Noel Hunt hattrick, but the general mood of the fans was negative and some fans were already predicting a tough year in the championship.
A year later and Leeds are just days after making their fourth signing Chris Wood who is reportedly Leeds United’s most expensive transfer for over a decade costing an estimated 2.5-3 million pounds. There is a sense of optimism among the fans with some posing the question, could this finally be the year we get where we truly belong in the Premier League? I shall take a look at our completed transfers and give my opinion on how I believe these players could impact the team.



  1. We were doing well with new players, until the F.A. appear to b2e trying to shaft us yet again. By the way Man City owe me 56 million because they didnt sign me, fact that I am disabled has nothing to do with it, they could have signed me.


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