Leeds’ game on Sunday vital to the rest of the season


After a brilliant start to the season, Leeds have lost their last two away games in the league in a poor fashion. The Millwall game was a massive shock to the system and although Thomas Christiansen claimed Millwall played exactly as expected, it really didn’t seem like it on the pitch. Burnley was a completely different game, they wanted to play football and that allowed ourselves to reciprocate.

As the team news was announced for the Cardiff game, it was clear to see the effect that the Millwall game had on Christiansen’s thoughts. Our two best players so far this season, Eunan O’Kane and Samu Sáiz were missing. Although O’Kane was apparently ill (really?), it was a massive loss all the same. You can see what Christiansen was thinking, we got battered against Millwall so to stop a repeat of that, bring in the British core of Roofe and Dallas. Well, that backfired. The most mind-boggling part of it all for me was Lasogga not starting. Imagine rushing back your striker from his newborn child to sit on the bench and watch that load of rubbish.

You know what you’re going to get from a Neil Warnock team and starting Kemar Roofe as a lone-striker is no way to combat that. Lasogga would have given Cardiff’s defence a lot more to think about and would have provided a target in the box. I don’t want to come across as negative after such a good start, but teams will soon learn how to play against Leeds if we don’t sort it out quickly.

In a way, there’s no better game to bounce back with than Sheffield Wednesday. They’ve had a slow start to the season, losing to big rivals Sheffield United last weekend. Luckily for us, Wednesday won’t play the same way as Millwall and Cardiff. We need to stop messing around, play our best XI and wipe the floor with them. It’s worth remembering that Matthew Pennington will start alongside Pontus Jansson on Sunday. Although Cooper has played at a high level until last night, I believe Pennington and Jansson will be our long-term partnership at the back this season.

If Leeds lose on Sunday, we go into the international break in meltdown, this is Leeds after all. If we win however, then the Champions League is back in our sights. Let us know what you think Christiansen should do on Sunday to get Leeds back on track in the comments.



  1. The first player to drop is the keeper…he’s a liability I don’t like the tip tapping about between the back four,there not good enough. The’ve been caught out a few times and teams will be wise to it now ,if they do there homework on us they’ll be able to see we panic under pressure. So let’s get the show back on the road and stop all the doom and gloom .MOT

  2. Exactly that, bring back passings and saiz, criminal they were both dropped…..cost us the game.

  3. In Thomas Christainsen’s defense, (or rather midfield) playing Klich, following his impressive performance against Burnley, (steeling the ball in defence and positive movement/passing going forward), seemed like a good option, while giving O’Kane a rest (it’s a long season). The only change in defense (or criticism) from TC’s selection, perhaps I would have played the, in form Shaugnessy, for his height, agility and physical presence at the expense of the Captain (I suppose that wasn’t gonna happen). Up front, Lasogga, again for his physicality and for that German to German connection between him and Klich and a wild card, Sacko, for his pace and to keep Cardiff’s midfield and defence “honest”. That said, Cardiff were definately “up for it” and what do I know? It felt so hopeless listening to the game here in Salt Lake City. It’s hard be beaten so emphatically. Even the best teams get beaten. It happened to Newcastle 10 times last season and they were Champions. I still think this current team has something special about it and will ultimately learn from their losses. It took Brighton a few goes in the play-offs before they eventually earned the right. The spirit at Leeds right now is too strong for our club to go backwards, everybody pulling for one another, we are a massive force and before too long we will be back. MOT

  4. I agree with Mark as I don’t think the defense has any confidence in him and he is awful with crosses. Anita is better than Beradi coming forward and I would play O’Kane with both Phillips and Viera with Lasogga up front with Alioski and Roofe or Dallas.
    We must win on Sunday otherwise Christiansen won’t realise the pressure he will be under and I just feel Cardiff was self made with tactics and team selection.
    I think his confidence has been a bit shattered and he doesn’t look comfortable when being interviewed presently.
    I am sure we will get back on track starting Sunday otherwise the thought of two weeks international break with another loss festering is too much to contemplate!


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