There have been many rumours about which keeper was going to turn up at Elland Road. However according to reports, Leeds are now determined to bring David Stockdale to the club. Ideally Leeds want to take him on a season-long loan and that’s why the deal is taking a while, with Birmingham wanting him to move on permanently.

It’s a decent move, he brings experience and he’s about as ‘Leeds’ as they come. However don’t expect him to be mistake-free, he’s very prone to a howler. There’s no doubt he’s an improvement on Felix though and if we bring Stockdale in for a year, he can help improve Bailey Peacock-Farrell who could take over next season, in the Premier League of course.

Let us know what you think, would Stockdale be a good signing?



  1. He will need some of Bielsa’s triple training sessions to shift all that Lard he carries around . Westwood for me he is not howler prone !

  2. Stockdale far too many mistakes dont get him we had felix n silvestri its time we got a good goalkeeper like gunn or westwood or leeds will get done for players impersonating goalkeepers 🤣🤣

  3. Green for me he will learn pfarrel 2 year deal then keeper role coaching every time should not have gone

  4. Stockdale must ditch the spare tire or Bielsa simply won’t give him a game. The new governor don’t do unfit overweight players. You have been warned Mr. Stockdale !

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