Leeds fans react to yet another defeat


We all know Leeds fans are known to overreact in certain situations. However, I’m not sure losing 7 games in 8 games is really overreacting at all. Here are some of the better reactions from Leeds fans across Twitter…

A mixed bag of opinions for sure, let us know what you think needs to happen at Leeds over the international break.



  1. 6 minutes away from getting a draw. Comments would have been positive putting 1st half down to recent results/confidence factor and second half display being encouraging and praising TC for changes. Football fine lines, our luck must change and we need to give TC more time. Off the pitch things looking good and must keep the faith.

  2. Who made the decision to let Rob Green go probably Orta total waste of space we’ve now got 2 goalkeepers costing us goals and points. Instead of buying back Elland Road we should have bought quality British players with Championship experience. Orta has bought Weidweld, Klitch, Grot, Cibilici, loaned Lassogga, Pennington, Borthwick Jackson NNE of these players are up to Championship quality n wonder Middleborough sacked him. TC was not the right appointment said so at the time. Another owner who knows nothing about the Championship.

  3. Sorry Jim it’s on the pitch that counts. Watch the crowds start to dwindle seen it all before. All the £25 million plus we got for Woods and Taylor and we end up with cross because Radriazzani won’t spend money on quality players. Bring Sam Allardyce in he,’d get us playing.

  4. Christiansen has lost the dressing room and Ora signed some awful players at boro far too much trust has been put in him!!!!

  5. 16 new players only one worth talking about.Wood and Taylor gone and one of our best players sold who wanted to stay Rob Green.Monk has proven to us he made the right decision.Wood top scorer in league last year replacement Lasogga,Rob Green best keeper in league last year replacement lornagan,and Bartley been replaced by Cooper I rest my case.

  6. So angry at the moment
    You cannot get of the championship with average at best players
    Keeper x 2 not good enough
    Cooper not good enough
    Viera young be has a lot to learn
    O Kane not good enough
    Roofe is rubbish
    Lassoga couldn’t give a f::c
    Grot not good enough

    I always wondered why Torino left Jansen go given the type about him last year- now we know

    Manager has no ideas how to change things given the rubbish he has on the field

    The one bright moment tonight was when the owner was caught on camera throwing his eyes to the sky
    He is just beginning to have the same sense of distain as the rest of the long suffering supporters
    Get your hand in your pocket and buy some quality and not the bargain basement shit you have bestowed on us.

  7. Fk that Jim. If the players had his respect and were frightened of him to drop him and they NEED to be! We’d be putting up a fight more often. These spoilt players make me sick. They expect our adulation but show no bottle in the trenches.

  8. Just reading the comments and Big Sam would get us out of this league
    Good call
    But I think he is around long enough to know a poison challis when he see’s one

  9. Normality has been restored, foreign imports who have no idea of English championship league , get redknapp in with some mature experienced players in asap

  10. Poor playing staff recruited in the Summer . Orta failed at Boro why would anyone think he could succeed st ER !!!!!!

    TC needs help he wasn’t the right man before a ball was kicked in anger. Decent guy let down by the recruiters of players

    Change is needed British players added to last years squad is a start

  11. Can’t play out from the back like Barcelona with these donkeys time for tc to go ,no pride no passion need I say more.

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