People up late last night went to sleep knowing that Chris Wood’s time at Leeds was probably over. I’m not sure whether that was better or worse than waking up to the news really, I just know it was bad. This is some of the better reactions by Leeds fans on Twitter so far:

Safe to say it hasn’t gone down well. Let us know what you think of Chris Wood’s potential move to Burnley



  1. Too quick to be true – unless our manager knew more than he was saying yesterday?
    He said Wood was staying. Must have been the last to know!!
    Offering the contract and forcing the issue is an old LU trick, used on Cook, Byram & Taylor to mention only 3!!
    If this is true the club will have spent nothing on new players, and ended up with a nice profit on transfers!!
    The more things change, the more they stay the same!!
    We have now spent less than any other team in our League on the squad, and the most on the ground!!


    • Henryv what a load of rubbish, we’ve spent £13.5m so far, how can that be nothing? we’ve spent more than most clubs. If Wood goes then so be it, we just find someone else and life carries on!

      • Asim my bro.
        With Charlie and Wood alone we have recouped over £20 million pounds.
        = £6.5 million profit on the summer.
        Therefore we have spent nothing, in real terms.

  2. We looked briefly like a club with ambition, only for reality to come crashing in once a big cheque was waved in front of the owner. No long term plan, just swamp the 1stvteam with a load of 3rd rate rejects from Spain and elsewhere on the continent, let Orta and his mates trouser a load of cash in “arrangement fees” for both 1st team and U23 newcomers, and grind out another season in the faint hope that there will be another Wood, Byram, Cook to sell and keep the bank manager happy. Useless

  3. I remember that the same doom & gloom merchants were waving their flags when Beckford went. Same when Jordan & McQueen went over the hill. Point is we’ll still be here whatever. What happened when Taylor left….Nothing, We replaced him with the Beast. There will be someone out there who will do the job.

  4. It still sucks. I knew it was fishy Wood keeping tight lipped about a move but seems he was sly, kept it shut and let Burnley chase him. I’m sick of all these money grabbers. Who can replace his goals at such short notice? If Leeds season dives its cos we didn’t have the nerve to hold Wood to his contract. Pray that Orta is on it and has a giood replacement in mind…

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