Leeds United youngster Alex Mowatt was at the centre of a Twitter storm last night after he posted a picture of his number 10 shirt alongside former Leeds man Harry Kewell onto Instagram. Mowatt soon deleted the picture but fans were very quick to point out to Mowatt that they weren’t best pleased with it.

And the expletives soon followed…

There were plenty of fans who gave Mowatt their backing, however. Many realising that Mowatt didn’t mean any harm and was just proud to be United’s number 10, just like his idol.

What do you think to Mowatt’s escapade? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. He should know the score with that scumbag, he’s Leeds or suppose to be, why would you do that!!!! surley he’s not that much out of tune with the Leeds fanbase???

  2. Leave him alone he is probably the best number 10 we have had and he is only going to get better don’t push him away grow up and surport leeds be a true fan

  3. You stupid, stupid people. Footballers play for money, just like you and me work for money. Loyalty, kissing the badge is crap. They love the club, they love the fans until a better deal comes along and then that’s it. You want him to leave the club then keep up the abuse and he will go.
    You are a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to money. The only people who love and die for Leeds are Leeds FANS. MOT

  4. Now then all you criticising Mowatt, remember Kewell was, I stress was a Leeds legend till he moved where he moved and opened his soft week ausi gob! Ausi boys aren’t know for tact or loyalty remember that! Mowatt has a hero and that hero like it or not played for the mighty Leeds and he’s now following his heroes path!! How many of us can say that? Leave the boy alone and remember he’s a Yorkshire boy just like us!!! Peace

  5. Silly thing to post, whilst I do not agree with some points and he is just another young man with loads of money and will be off if the bigger club comes in he should be carful and show more respect for the two fans who were murdered. At the end of the day HK showed what fans mean to a lot of players in that he celebrated with fans and friends of those who murdered leeds fans!! He must have gone for money end of so money over life ……..

    Just my point of view

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