I can understand why some people love 4-4-2, it’s simple and can be effective if you have the right players but we don’t. You need two top drawer wingers and two central players who can run a midfield, we don’t have either. We have the perfect players for an attacking 4-3-3, Rosler tried it but he was too negative, we sat back too much. Steve Evans doesn’t help himself in playing Alex Mowatt on the left side of midfield either, he cannot play that position. For me, we need to change to 4-3-3 like we had with Grayson in the Championship. I’d play Chris Wood as the striker, Botaka on the left and Dallas on the right. This also means that we could play Alex Mowatt in his proper position, in the hole behind the striker, like Howson used to play. Then you could have Cook and Bridcutt sitting, but that’s easily interchangeable with Luke Murphy, Tom Adeyemi or even Kalvin Phillips. 4-4-2 is severely limiting how we play, the other teams defence can easily handle Mowatt so it leaves Dallas in a bit of trouble. Lewis Cook is an unbelievable footballer and he will no doubt be great in the Premier League for years to come but he isn’t made for a 4-4-2. Given how young our midfield is, we need to load the midfield and we have a lot of options for this. Creating chances seems to be an issue at the moment and putting them away is an even bigger one. TAYLOR GOAL CELE The only positive for me from the QPR game was the return of Charlie Taylor, he has probably been our best player this season and we have missed him. Even if we won’t play Byram for a stupid reason, when Berardi is back that means we no longer have to watch Scott Wootton which is good news. Sol Bamba is in contention to return for the Hull game too which means no more Bellusci, excellent. Seriously though, Steve Evans is looking severely out of his depth so I really hope he has a rethink on Saturday. It’s obviously not all down to the formation, playing hoofball doesn’t help either. Sort it out Steve.



  1. Evans came in and immediately decided he was playing 4 4 2 even though the players were happy with a 4 3 3 but don’t think that Evans ever reads these remarks ..he won’t play the inform players even the ones in the u21’s who would certainly be better than what’s being served up even if we we being beaten 1 or 2 nil at least the fans are getting what they are shelling out for players who want to represent the badge..

  2. I agree with some aspects but not others. if we don’t have good enough wingers for a 442, then we certainly don’t have them for 433.
    The biggest problem with Evans that I can see is that the players don’t seem to be following what he is telling them. In his post match interview after QPR, he said they were training all week with the ball on the floor. By switching to hoofball for the game, for me shows the players have little respect for the manager. Any players that cannot follow simple orders should be dropped, along with those that continuously show bad form….Wootton take note.

  3. We usually end up with 4 – 5 – 1, as the team starts to slide down the league.
    It is new personnel we need in the squad, before we can experiment with an attacking line up.

  4. Totally agree. Why is it so obvious to us but not to the slob and his sidekick. However I was sat behind Cellino at QPR and believe me he spent half the time shouting instructions from the stand to the bench. Evans all mouth and no balls. Cellino running the football side hence the mayhem. Also clear to see players have had enough of coaches they have no respect for and a mentalist owner


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