Why can’t Leeds get up for big games? It’s ridiculous just how pathetic some of the players looked out there tonight. You could argue only Lonergan, Phillips and Saiz showed any sort of balls all night. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Andy Lonergan – 9 – Almost made a gigantic mess at the start of the game but made a few top saves to keep us in the game when Sheffield United were running riot.

Into the dreaded defence…



  1. I can’t understand how you could viera a lower mark than Pennington. Ronny actually closed players down, won tackles, even won headers, and passing wasn’t bad. He was one of the best 4 players on the field tonight

    • you are having a laugh lad Vierra was a bystander 1st half and in the 2nd half he woke up abit but constantly lost possession,he couldn’t string a pass together and looked totally frustrated with himself…

      From best player on the pitch last sat to worst in a week,either the occasion got to him or his lack of match fitness got to him or his injury,something sure did as worst game he has played in

  2. Not good enough.
    Lack of the commitment you need in the Championship.
    Poor player recruitment in the Summer.
    Make average sides look good!!

  3. Very weak performance far too many players not good tonight level of performance is very worrying it has to improve big time

  4. Lagossa was woeful a big lazy cart horse not good enough Grot should have started not giving the likes of Dallas etc a chance

  5. I agree we looked like a 23rd division side dont know what system we played possibly desperation system could not believe how pathetic a team we looked at HOME and now must listen the rubbish of how hard we tried and we will be a force ,total shit the manager cant see a problem let alone how to deal with it, it looks to me as if the manager says right tonight is Sheffield utd we will play this system if it dont go well try and help me because ive not got a clue of any other system
    We have more chance of winning the champions league than being promoted this year

  6. Undone by another super-sub, for the second home game on the trot and it’s happened before this season.
    Does Christiansen not do his homework on the opposing players coming on as substitute ?
    Leeds looked like a struggling away team in the opening half hour and certainly not the home team.
    Every Sheffield player seemed to want it more and be first to every ball and when the Leeds players did get the ball, they kept giving the ball straight back.
    Chris Wilder has just said that he thought that his team were average tonight, but if that’s average then I hope that Leeds never play them when they are at full blast, like Sheffield Utd were when they blitzed at Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.
    Sheffield Utd, Wolves and Cardiff just keep on winning and will take some stopping and finishing in the play-offs, is probably the only realistic achievement for this Leeds team, with such a soft centre.

  7. When will TC learn that in this division you have to win the battles, then maybe you can allow the skill to show. Why have we lost to Millwall, Cardiff, Sheff Wed etc. simply because they wanted it more than us. Also, why hand Jansson a 5 year contract then not play him, what more motivation does a player need that 5 more years at Leeds. We will be nowhere near the top 6 by the time January comes based on performances so far when it comes to the crunch we seem to bottle it

  8. We have no pace in our wing backs🤔 do we have wing back nope !! , no pace in attack and no pace to create width , and we are too soft its simple as that , they did all the above and sorry to say it but they should av won by more. Why is s 19yr old in veira showing our senior players how to get stuck in it amazes me !!! And wen is christianson and co guna realise this is the championship and not la liga !!! We need battlers not shirkers when ur backs up against wall .

  9. Just not good enough defensively shite striker non existent goalie can only use left boot what the f*** is going on

  10. Thought the article with twitter comments about Lasogga was a bit mean. He’s generally been ok for us so far. He wasn’t getting the type of service Kun Temenuzhkov would have got at Barceolona.
    Then again neither does Kun at Leeds. Has our wonderkd scored for the U 23’s yet ?

  11. Visits was back to his normal self – lots of energy but limited ability, his passing is terrible, no composure. Our German striker is a joke. Our left back has no left leg, we have no creativity in the central midfield role no bite. We signed Vinny Jones to get us out of this bastard of a league years ago. We needs to get hard and ruthless a lot of the team on display tonight are simply not suited to this division

    Getting concerned about the manager also

    Bad night all round and things need to change quickly or we will spend another year in this bastard of a division

  12. Vieira cannot pass a ball
    Left back has no left leg
    Striker looked absolute shite
    Manager has limited ideas and not capable of implementing a plan b
    Sick to death of excuses year after year
    Club is too big for these shit players
    Time for action by the owner

  13. Think your opening comment about not turning up for big games comes down to one thing.
    We handle most of the weaker teams in this league but when the quality of the opposition goes up our real level shows, and it’s not top six material.
    We get found out and exposed.

    We were like that last year with a much better first team as well.

  14. I agree with most of what you say but what gets to me is the sense of optimism Leeds supporters have every year, only to discover we are not close to being good enough.
    As soon as we meet a bit of quality we are exposed. Fair play to Sheffield U but I doubt if they will be up there come May.


  15. We played wrong formation. It should’ve been 3-3-3-1; that’s my attacking formation and defensive. Lonergan, Berardi, Jansson, Cooper, Ayling, Klisch, Veira, Dallas, Saiz, Alioski, Phillips, Roofe. Subs: Hernandez, Grot, Anita, Cibiki. The manager got his formation wrong again. Sheffield Utd were playing a 5 man midfield and so should’ve Leeds. And Pennington isn’t confident in Championship and I read he was responsible for first goal. Leeds defence isn’t consistent and if Leeds don’t get their priorities in order, the prospect of play-offs will vanquish from our grasp. The manager is partly to blame and 90% goes down to players that need Vinny Jones to straight them out like real fighting men with true grit, determination and the will to win, alas, the defence is the weak link. I wouldn’t criticize much the midfield; we’ve scored alot of goals in that area as compared to last year. It’s our defense that requires tuning up. If formation doesn’t work at half time, quickly change it and go to 5 man midfield, but, Christiansen seems clueless. Why didn’t he quickly bring Dallas and Roofe and Hernandez? His decisions are somewhat baffling. We’ve lost way too many, 5 out of 7 games. A poor performance overall and as I reiterate once again; blame is on both person(manager) and personnel(players).

    • Beradi is suspended,Janssen out of form.dallas mother just died,kliesh isn’t match fit, roofe way to lightweight to lead the line on his own ffs, shef united have played that formation for over 18 winning months and built there team around it….

      Yes we started slow and they hit us like an exoset missile in the 1st half and it was an obvious tactic to play high tempo bullying game, our team wasn’t at the races in the 1st half,not focused and maybe distracted but in the 2nd half they came alive and could have easily won the game,

      Yes Pennington had abit of a mare but so did Vierra and Alioski…Vierra was shocking to be honest and didn’t turn up at all but you win and lose as a team so no need to single players out especially young players like Pennington and Vierra who need experience.

      The manager played a system the players are used to and he has the players for,he is also still learning as are the players,we are only 14 games in ffs.we more or less had 5 in midfield anyway as phillips was playing to deep,proberbly because overwhelmed and Vierra being headless…

      He proberbly didn’t change it because we were getting to grips with them in the second half and untill they scored the second goal looked the stronger side,he had already subbed cooper because of injury,put Hernandez on for Alioski as he was infective so how can he bring on dallas and roofe ffs? He tried Grot.
      The manager set out a plan and the players didn’t play to that plan but it’s early days Mr,easy to slag the manager and players off but seems harder to support them and give them time! Best start to a campaign in 15 years,we are higher up the league and on more points than this time last year after 14 games and it’s all doom n gloom for you… last year the team was inconsistent under Monk then in Dec we went on a good run and shot up the table,this season the same can easily happen all teams go through a bad patch in this league especially!! We have a better team and manager this year just sopprt them ffs

  16. Jesus we have had the best start to any season in years,are higher up the table and on more points than last year! Last year we were I consistent like this and in Dec we went on a good run and shot up the league…give the same respect to these players and manager to get it right and go on a run,its similar to last year new manager and lots of new players to bed in!! Show some positivity ffs we have a better team,better manager,better owner,own our own ground!! We will some find our form and go on a better run than last year and finish higher,but we are never ever going to win every game and never were,this is a very competitive league ffs show some respect and support ffs MOT

  17. Hate to say TC is looking naieve tactically. Things will improve or he’ll be out by Xmas. Chairman already said play offs a min…

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