Leeds United today confirmed Thomas Christiansen as their new manager. Christiansen is only the second manager from outside the UK and Ireland for Leeds. It’s definitely an interesting appointment, he has never played or coached in England, last season he was the manager of APOEL FC in Cyprus, winning the league and getting to the quarter final stages of the Europa League, beating Atletico Bilbao along the way. Obviously, Cyprus isn’t England and the level of league football is extremely different. Though you only have to look at Huddersfield and David Wagner to see that sometimes people you’ve never heard of can surprise you.

According to an article on Uefa.com, Christiansen wanted to carry on the methods he had learned under Johan Cruyff as a player at Barcelona. “I wanted to continue that at APOEL, but because of the players we had in the squad I had to find other systems, other solutions,” he explained. “Right now we’re playing a little bit different, but with the same mentality.” After conversations with a few fans, I discovered that he likes his teams to play possession football, though he will change if he deems it necessary, like when they beat Atletico Bilbao, playing excellent counter-attacking football.

I’ve seen a lot of fans on social media moaning about the appointment, saying we should have gotten someone more proven. Whilst I understand that viewpoint, we have tried that before and failed spectacularly. You’re not going to change the clubs decision, so you may as well get behind the new guy, he might just impress you. Leeds are also expected to confirm their pre season plans shortly.

What do you think, is this a good appointment, or an unnecessary risk? Let us know.



  1. Well it was a surprise but his time playing in the Bundesliga was impressive. I have read he likes 4 4 2 which may make for more attractive football to watch with some new quality players coming in. I am also hoping Antonsson will get a chance to impress.
    He is here and is appointed so lets all get behind him and the team. Transfer activity needs to step up a few gears now and I am sure it will. However, I wish people would stop banging on about Bartley as IMO there is no way he is coming back to Leeds.
    The pre season fixtures will be interesting and personally I can’t wait for it all to get started again.

  2. I just hope it is not a ‘Hockaday’ moment for Mr R?
    Thomas Christiansen knows nothing about football in the UK, and has very little experience anywhere else.
    APOEL are the richest club in Cyprus, and win the title most years.
    If he teams up with Pep he should have a chance.
    I just hope this is not another cost cutting exercise.
    He will get our full support, if the club bring some quality players in.
    What we don’t need is the classic “I need time to access the squad, before bringing anyone in”!!!
    That is wearing a bit thin!!


  3. Other factors to consider:
    1. A good age and obvious character traits
    2. Knowing and trusting the team being assembled in management
    3 Being able to speak several languages.
    4. Possible fit with Clotet as number two

  4. Just on another point. I guess we will find out on Monday if Pep Clotet is staying. I really hope so and it will confirm my feeling that there was a fall out between him and Monk towards the end of the season.

  5. lets just give the guy a chance seems to me the new regime at Elland Road are gonna do it their way and i just hope now LEEDS are gonna MARCH ON TOGETHER for the FIRST time in years GOOD LUCK TO ANTONSSON lets look forward to THIS SEASON with more HOPE than weve had for a long time M O T

  6. Well this is just like a copy paste from the same time last year.
    The social media did say the same-Monk no experience and nothing achieved.
    Can we accept the same outcome?

  7. I understand Clotet, Beattie and Flavahan are joining Monk at Boro on July 1st. As far as new guy is concerned I will get behind him and hope he is a success, but he was obviously the cheap option and we will no doubt have another season of transition and leaving stars. Don’t be surprised to see Jansson walk and others request transfers. Usual Leeds lack of ambition. MOT

  8. The tone for this appointment will be set by the first signing he makes. It’ll be very interesting to see who it is


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