Thomas Christiansen is set to bring Julio Bañuelos to the club, who will be following our new manager from APOEL. Julio was also with Christiansen at their previous club AEK Larnaca so they clearly have a good chemistry together.

However, this news brings sad news for Pep Clotet, who surely won’t want to have a lesser role. The only real way of him staying would be to become head of the academy, though I think he really wants to become a head coach now rather than anything else. Julio should be introduced along with Christiansen tomorrow at the press conference. Don’t be surprised if we see a transfer or two next week, either.



  1. I also did wonder if Pep might take on the Academy players but agree with you that he will want something bigger. Even if he took it I can’t see it being more than a stop gap for him. We need some long term stability in that position also.

  2. It would have helped if Clotet had stayed in some capacity, just to give Christiansen instant information about the Leeds players, but he’ll probably now be heading for Middlesbrough to assist Monk and who can blame him ?


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