Leeds have £3.7m bid rejected for Moussa Dembélé

Image for Leeds have £3.7m bid rejected for Moussa Dembélé

According to a Scottish journalist speaking on Radio Clyde, Leeds have had a £3.7m bid rejected for Celtic forward Moussa Dembélé. The striker was a big hit last year, scoring 32 goals in 49 appearances, including Champions League fixtures. However, he has only scored 8 goals this year.

Brendan Rodgers has recently said that Dembélé is not for sale, but money talks and with his lack of form this year, there may be a deal to be done there. Before Celtic, Dembélé played for Fulham, scoring 17 goals in the 2015/16 season. He has an impressive CV considering he’s still only 21.

With all the mess going on with Leeds and their failed new badge, this would be an excellent move and exactly what Leeds are looking for. Get it done, Victor.

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  • Mark says:

    At last… a player we’ve heard of,If we manage to get him he could make us a play off contenders again because if we don’t make 1 or 2 decent signings our season is over I think.

  • Stephen Tyson says:

    Get him signed. It’s not rocket science he would be sensational for us.

  • JDC says:

    Sign this guy up now please Victor … strength, pace, knows where the goal is, and knows how to score. From all the linked rumours for strikers, Dembélé’s the real deal and would be worth spending the money on.

  • Irfaan says:

    We are wasting our time Celtic will not sell to leeds united.
    I do not think if Orta could pull this one
    Only on season loan if we are lucky

  • Barry Bowes says:

    Relax. Great intentions. It will never happen. Bearing in mind that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • The Scurvy Crow says:

    Totally agree Mark.
    I doubt we’ll get Dembele. Celtic aren’t just going to let him leave.
    With a chance of Champions League next year again, unless his heart is set on a move to wear our new badge…? No. Thought not!

  • T! says:

    Dembélé’s lol give it a rest

  • Dezzy says:

    Superb player would be a massive signing ,time to put ya money where ya mouth is or i wont be coming again this season!!!!!!

  • kent white says:

    He would only be another for the future and disappear inn the chasm that is the under 23s!!!!!!!!1

  • Peter Duval says:

    I can we offer 3 million and pay 4.5 million for Forshaw

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