Yet again Leeds are looking for another head-coach. I know a lot of people wanted Steve Evans to stay and I suppose it would have been good for some consistency but I just couldn’t stomach another year of football played that way, it was just unbelievably dull. There are always a lot of names banded about when the Leeds job becomes available and this time is no different, the current 1/4 favourite is John Sheridan. I know he’s a legend to all Leeds fans from a certain era but I don’t think he’s good enough in a managerial sense, I’d rather see him than some random guy from Serie B but surely it’s time we do better?



  1. I don’t think the really good people want to come to Leeds because they know that as soon as they say or do something Cellino doesn’t like or agree with they will be out on their ear………….

  2. David O’Leary once said he had “UNFINISHED BUSINESS AT LEEDS” Let’s face it. We could do worse and at least he is British. Give him the chance to carry out his promise.

  3. Lets go for some one who can at least give us a chance of top six and get players who want to go some where

  4. I think Steve should be given the chance to have a season with his own players – not other people’s signings. The few he has brought in have done well and I’m sure there is more to come. More importantly he WANTS to be here! Who else in their right mind would want to come here? Perhaps a failed MK Dons, or someone from Italy (Not again please!)
    …perehaps even “The Chosen One” – another failed one!

  5. I really want Evans to stay, he already has chemistry with players which is is great boost, the ones he brought in in January have been a god send, most importantly… HIS PASSION! He loves Leeds United, this is the home for Evans in my eyes. Give him the chance to bring in his own players instead of the hand me downs from failed managers sacked after 2 minutes by a crazy Italian. I believe play off is very achievable under Evans. MOT!


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