Just when you think the Vydra deal is dead in the water, the man himself is spotted in Leeds city centre. Leeds fan on Twitter Tom Kendall posted two pictures of the striker, leaving no doubt that it is either Vydra or a secret twin brother.

Derby today announced the signing of striker Jack Marriott from Peterborough, which may pave the way for Vydra’s exit.

A few days ago most Leeds fans were ready for the same old disappointment, but if Leeds manage to complete deals for both Barry Douglas and Matěj Vydra before the season starts, we’re suddenly looking at a very different and much-improved Leeds side.



  1. I actually don’t want vydra if he really wanted to play for us he would of signed already need to be committed to us

  2. I feel the same as you, Peter. He won’t have endeared himself to the Leeds fans with him allegedly asking for the ridiculous sum of £50,000 a week!

  3. its not vyrda thats asked for that sum of wages its them retrobates called agents and there going to spoil football it time we marched against them ,and got them OUT

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