Almost on the whistle of Leeds’ routine 2-0 victory over Derby County on Friday Night, Phil Hay announced that Leeds were set to sign Real Madrid goalkeeper Kiko Casilla. A somewhat wildcard signing after the rumour mill had been abound with goalkeepers that are typical to the Championship. The Fosters, The Darlows, The Westwoods. That in mind, we’ve compiled some key points to fill you in on the new set of gloves coming to Leeds.

He’s Got THREE Champions League Medals

At Real Madrid, Casilla largely played second fiddle to Keylor Navas, though he did amass 17 appearances in all competitions in the 2017/18 Campaign, including 2 in the Champions League. This is more experience than we we thought we might get I’m sure. This of course meant being involved in the squad that defeated Liverpool 3-1 in last year’s final. Whilst Casilla was an unused substitute, he did of course pick up a medal in the ceremonies. This was the same scenario in their 15/16 and 16/17 victories also.

He’s a good ball-player

I think most people would probably say the likelihood of our current management signing a keeper who wasn’t so much use with his feet was unlikely. Videos such as this

Show he’s trained with the world’s best and the heavy emphasis Zidane’s Real Madrid put into ball work during training meant the keepers were able to make short, sharp passes under close pressure.

This even meant involving them in the famous ‘Rondos’ that the world’s best coaches such as Pep and Poch absolutely swear by. In the depths of YouTube we even unearthed this somewhat comical video of Kiko

It is unknown as of yet whether Kiko will start in goal for Leeds immediately or he will compete with BPF to earn his place. What is certain however is the value of having a player who has played in such elite environments and the experience that will bring. Hopefully Bailey will learn a lot from one-time Spanish international.


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