According to a source, Luke Ayling and Chris Wood are both set to miss the game against Fulham. Luke Ayling’s partner is expecting the birth of their child and Chris Wood has a knock. This would be a massive loss for Leeds in a massive game. However last time we played without Wood starting we beat Preston 4-1, so you never know.

I hope this information is wrong and they do start, but it’s a really trustworthy source. Let’s hope the rest of the players step up.



  1. Births over matches is overrated.

    Wood is due to miss out in one of these games. But you never know.

    If I had to choose between the wife having a kid or an important result in a game like this you know where I’d be…

  2. Sorry, Bob, but a birth happens ONCE only. Football is important and tonight’s match especially so, but we have Charlie back so we should manage without Luke. The birth is more important!

  3. Every game from now on is important but as a father that too is so important. Lets hope all is is well for both parents and team.

  4. Can it be arranged for the birth to happen at the game? Leeds win, what an extra special birthday that would be!

  5. Adam Pope on Radio Leeds, said last night that Antonsson had travelled with the squad to Fulham, which he questioned and thought one of the strikers was injured and he could be right.
    Play Antonsson up-front, with Doukara, put Berardi at right back and Taylor at left back.
    A draw would be a good result and get Wood and Ayling back for the QPR game. Problem solved !

  6. The three subs that came on should start, all of a sudden we had movement, doukars hernandez dallas all looked a bit tired to me


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