According to Sky Sports news, MK Dons manager Karl Robinson is close to being named the new Leeds United head coach. More to follow…



  1. Steve Evans deserves a chance, keeping the guy hanging around as an insurance policy incase no one else wants the job Totally disgraceful …massimo is a twat he does not deserve any luck …..the saga goes on !!

  2. What this guys a kid! Its a total gamble and the odds are a long shot. Basically have to start all over again so mid table if we were lucky! Thrilled (Not!!)

  3. Who’s in charge of recruitment? Our once great team will get nowhere with Nomark managers. Leeds itself is one of the greatest cities in the UK, the football time should likewise be great again. I bet Don and Les are spinning in their graves, God rest them.

  4. .give steve evens the job. to me he is the best candidate and he is so important to the club. and he will get the best players in I have been a fan for 40 years give him the money for players he wants.then I think he will get us into the premier league. Steve parkin. Please buy the club. You know you want it. Evan if you get 50 %of it. just see how many more fans return please.

  5. Massimo cellino just go back home. nobody wants you. With all your false promises let somebody who wants the club. Take us were we need to be in the premier league .jimmy.

  6. Just give steve evens. job like you promised if he kept us championship.he will get us in the premier league. If you let him get the right player’s in sorry? you don’t keep your promises.we have had at least 3 odds on the last few weeks. And now I have just seen another one. At odds on just give steve evens the job. on a one year contract. Your not going to get any one with the same passion. has him. In the lower leagues.he loves our club and fans. You say he opens is mouth. but not has much crab that comes out of yours


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