Last week it was revealed that Leeds United manager Brian McDermott was persuing an un-named transfer target, believed to be a striker. McDermott claimed that he could reveal no details, however, because it was a complicated deal. But who could this mysterious player be?

There’s been talk over the weekend about Luke Moore, who is free to leave his current club, Elazığspor of Turkey. I’m not really bothered by this rumour, as I don’t think there’s any truth in it. Leroy Lita, another journeyman who is currently at Swansea City, was the next striker to be linked. According to Sky Sports, us and Barnsley were fighting out for his signature, this was Friday and nothing seems to have materialised.

Honestly, I can’t see either of those being the player McDermott has spoken to, as neither would seem to be a difficult transfer. One player that would involve a difficult transfer is Sunderland’s Danny Graham, a player who has played 3 games for us in a loan spell back in 2006. Graham is currently on a season-long loan at Hull. Despite this, his loan deal is set to be cut short after they signed Jelavic and Shane Long. Could this be the difficult deal, considering he has been registered to two clubs this season and you’re only allowed to register for a maximum of two deals? It could be a similar deal as the one done with Cameron Stewart, who has signed on a 93-day loan deal but it set to sign permanently in the Summer.

I’m fairly optimistic that if we sign a striker he be the perfect foil for McCormack and that it won’t be some player who has scored 38 goals in 243 competitive games.



  1. The player iwho met McDermott on Friday is Luke Moore, the news came from one of the academy players who saw him turn up on the day, so I’m afraid not Danny Graham!

  2. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bid for Kenwyne Jones if this take over ever happens! Seems to be out of favour at Stoke and would be the perfect partner for McCormack up front.

  3. Who ever it is it will be another freebie or loan signing which means where are the funds are new future owners said were going to be available another transfer window and another month of bullshit from the board we get bigger crowds than most in the division but still don’t have a pot to piss in

  4. Face it chaps and I am the forever optimist we are a mid table team. However I believe MCD is the right guy and if Haigh delivers we can be positive about the future. One or two loan or perms may get us a top 10 place but not top six. We need 40 points from 20 games!! tough call!! Friday mystery man is deffo Luke Moore but I wish it was Graham. ps hope Kebe is doing double training!!!!

    • Why the fuck can’t they just do what they say there were going to do give the man the money to improve the team I am sick of this bull shit every year

      • Look, lets face it, Leeds United should be in the Premiership, the powers that be know there is only one way back, they MUST spend money. Im sick of this year in , year out , nancying around in the Championship. WAKE UP & SPLASH THE CASH.

  5. Kebe (Double Training) He’s shocking a stiff breeze would make him fall and his non existent
    tackling is embarrassing.Our defenders all run towards the ball just like Kids leaving the opponents wingers in acres of space.Its basic defending ! I hope BM is given the money but he must buy Defenders which is crucial.

  6. Why give Brian more money he’s just bought 6/7 players every one is moaning about.Quality players mentioned Fryatt,Graham,Waghorn, LeFondre iwonder if don’t think it needs to be a stiff breeze new wide men timid to say the least


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