Neil Redfearn, great man, very good academy coach. Always there to help out Leeds United when they need him, should he be given a shot at being the head coach of Leeds United? There’s no doubt his side would play good football and that he would give the youth players a chance. When you look at it like that it seems stupid not to give him a chance. Look how it worked for Stuart Gray at Sheffield Wednesday?

Obviously he doesn’t have the experience of managing a first team in the football league for more than a caretaker spell but does that mean he shouldn’t be given a chance? Would any of us really prefer some Italian we’ve never heard of? Redders is Leeds and will always be Leeds. One thing that worries me is Cellino not giving him enough time, it would be a travesty if Redfearn was sacked and didn’t even get to keep charge of the academy. Leeds have a severe lack of coaches already and we could lose our great academy status, badly damaging the club in the long-term.

Another thing to consider is the other options, it appears that Tony Pulis, Nigel Gibbs, Simon Grayson and Oscar Garcia have already rejected us; leaving a severe lack of options available to Cellino. No doubt some of those rejections are in large-part to do with Cellino himself and his methods, that’s not going to change. Another favourite is Steve Clarke but I cannot see this happening, he is a very well-respected head coach and would not like Cellino interfering in the football side of things. Money may also be a bit of a factor as well… When Simon Grayson turns down Leeds United you know something isn’t right.

I think at this time Redfearn should be given a go, however only if the academy is sorted out with some new coaches as well, decided by Redfearn himself preferably. There are a hell of a lot of positives about Redders, he’s clearly going to make brave decisions, playing an extremely young midfield against Bolton in his first game. His decision paid off too, Cook was the best player on the pitch, with the exception of Silvestri with his heroics in-goal. He also brought Alex Mowatt straight back into the team and he had a quality game, it certainly made a change from Tonge and Austin being useless. Most importantly though, we won and the players showed a great team spirit along with a better style of play.

So what do you think? Leave a comment telling me if you think Neil Redfearn should be given a chance or not and if not, who should get the job?



  1. Redfearn doesn’t have the experience and doesn’t have the ambition. To get to his age without having been a head coach shows that he is yesterday’s man. All this stuff about ‘he is Leeds’ is just bollocks. The Club needs an effective coach not a Leeds supporter and that is going to be difficult because how many successful coaches are not going to want to work with Cellino. Redfearn would be a disaster.

  2. No i dont think Redders should be given the job cos if he fails i cannot see massimo giving him his old job back and he is a hell of an accadamy coach and that would cause us big problems!!! My biggest concern at present is why the hell is Massimo in the US when he should be over seeing our search for a new coach? I can see it dragging on and on! He should be here getting someone in place before the end of the international break and getting a coach in who can get used to all the new players we have. Cant wait to see Adryan in a white shirt tho!!!

    • Gray … do any of us know why Cellino’s in the US? The guy has other business responsibilities other than Leeds United, and besides, in today’s world of instant communication, for all any of us know, he could be in constant touch with his side-kick, Nicola Salerno. I seem to remember similar comments when there were those who said he should be here to oversee the transfer window etc. He and his side-kick didn’t do too badly with that, did they?

  3. I agree 100% with everything you say in this article, also sharing your fears about the ultimate sacking of Redfearn if he fails, thus losing an excellent academy coach into the bargain. I would love to see him take charge of the first team permanently but he needs to think very seriously about the possible cosequences for himself and the club because one thing is certain – he WILL be sacked at some point, Mr Cellino doesn’t keep coaches very long, as we all know!

  4. There is no doubt that he has all the ingredients to do the job, and deserves a chance.
    However, as we all like Neil and the work he has done, we would worry how long he would last with Massimo.
    Massimo does not look long term and wants promotion this season.
    You can be his favourite this week, and his whipping boy the next.
    It is a crazy situation that whoever gets the job will be under so much pressure from the off.
    The fans dislike of The Hock did not help him.
    Maybe Redders, with the fans backing, could survive for a while?
    History tells us he will not last the season!

  5. Think he would be great,he is the one person, who could gel our young English talent and the new signings, it could be quite exiting. The only question is what happens when he gets the sack(and it will be when), I wouldn’t want to lose him from the club. Could he go back to his old Role ?

  6. No decent coach will come to Leeds because El Presidente will not let them coach without interference. Pulus,Mackay, Clarke don’t want Chairmen meddling to the extent that our present incumbent revels in.

    Redfearn would be Cheap,inrxperienced and untested at this level for a long periods.( remind you of anybody?).

    Whoever gets it,will get it eventually after a bad spell of results. It wont make any difference,give him the job,at least he believes in the kids and the kids believe in him.

  7. Why would Redders want to relinquish his role with the Academy which I imagine offers more job security than head coach. If he got the “permanent” post then presumably when the inevitable sacking occurs he would leave ER altogether. His position with the academy is too valuable (to the club) to be lost forever. We need him involved with the club long term.

  8. If we are going to have anyone from an academy level then Redfearn is for me. The most appropriate and suitable candidate. Sometimes, however, stars shine in the backgrounf and Redfearn for me is far too valuable to lose. A brilliant coach with youngsters and tactically very savvy! He spends time in the background quietly building and nurturing. He always fits in and steps up to the mark to keep us above water when he is needed. I think that he deserves a chance, but i would not like to see him on the merry go round of appointments and sackings. Let other people have that life. Neil,has to decide whether he wants it!

    • If the chance is game to game Bluesman, then I would back him in that. I want to see him continue to power his obvious talent into the Academy and not get minced in the massive football machine that Leeds is.
      If Cellino doesn’t recognise, (or perhaps he has?), that we need a Carlos Q …….. level Coach then it’s going to be a revolving door for many.
      Redders is perhaps the only one to be Caretaker when required anyway and that’s a task on its own.

      While we’re at it…….. Who the hell, other than Redders, is actually available,(staff), to coach the 34 presently in the squad?….. Any one got a clue?.

  9. You say Cellino has no options but its been stated by the likes of Phill hay that Cellino is swimming in applications…..the likes of Paul Hart and Mowbray have all confirmed they made applications…….. Let Redfearn steady the ship and see how everyone feels in a months time…….. I agree he should always have the chance to go back to the academy but it depends on his relationship with Cellino


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