After Leeds announced Thomas Christiansen as manager today, we realised we pretty much know nothing about him. So what better way to get to know him than asking an APOEL fan some questions about him? We spoke to Andrew Yioupas about his time in Cyprus.

First of all, what do you think about Christiansen as a person, is he a good guy?
Great guy. Never had a discipline problem him or the players. Respected and also very important He “won” the dressing room, no player ever said a bad thing. When actually they were asked whether or not he should renew they answered positively.

Do you think he did a good job at APOEL?
He did a great job at APOEL! Second historical page in APOEL’s history. Guided us to the last 16 of EL knocking out teams like Olympiacos (2 wins in GS) and Bilbao at 32 and also won the 26th APOEL championship and 5th consecutive. Got to the final of the cup also.

What would you say his style of play is, what is his preferred formation?
He really likes 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1 depends how good your defence and midfielders are. But also he is fond of 4-4-2 with a strong midfield and 2 really good strikers, also when chasing the score he wasn’t afraid of using the 3-5-2. He really likes possession (Played at Barcelona so…) he plays from far behind with the Goalkeeper (I mean A LOT) the game starts from the GK like a 5th ball playing defender. Possession then attack , classic Barcelona “Student”.

What was his greatest strength during his time in Cyprus?
His assistants! (I don’t know if they will be the same) These year we played a total of 60 games and we had only a few injuries. Also the analysis before the game was great every opponent was well scouted I believe. A total of 4-5 people managing a team , not just Mr. Christiansen they work well with each other, understand one another!

What are his weaknesses?
INEXPERIENCE! Has only been coaching for 3 years so you can understand. Although we won the league, we failed to win any of our title contenders (2nd and 3rd) a total of 9! times. 4 draws 5 losses.
Couldn’t kill the game when had to, was maybe a bit too anxious sometimes but won Olympiacos (Home and Away) Astana (Home) and Young Boys(Home)
It means he is not afraid, he is ambitious of bigger teams!

Do you think he will do a good job in Leeds?

Again, his inexperience could end him but the same was said about Zidane or Wagner if we talk Championship, patience all I’m suggesting!

This was a really insightful interview, thank you Andrew for doing this! You can find him on Twitter here



  1. a load of made up crap from this attention seeking site. non of this was a real interview just made up by some idiot. not enough time has elapsed to get an interview in for a start

  2. Now we need to know who will stay and who will go in the other staff.
    From what I have read of his interview he has clearly set out his assessment of the playing staff, what went wrong last season and which incoming player positions are required.
    I expect we will keep the players he wants but will not be surprised to see Wood go if a really big offer came in for him. If you take away the penalties and a fall off in goals in the last few games he may not repeat his tally of last season again.


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