Firstly, how do you see Forest doing this season and do you consider yourself string contenders for promotion?
I think at the minute I would say we are good value for a play off spot, my aspirations have dwindled slightly from the start of the season!

You seem to have gone through a bit of a difficult period lately but do you think you’re out of that now after the victory against QPR?
Not necessarily we need to keep it up by beating you guys now! we have surprisingly been better away from home this year so we just need too get a run of wins going now.

What’s the general consensus of Fawaz? How have things changed at Forest since he took over?
He has ploughed a hell of a lot of money in since he took over spending at least £12 million on players and genuinely seems to care for the club which apparently stems from being a big brian Clough fan as a kid. We are in safe hands with him.

What did you make of the managerial merry-go-round you had before Billy Davies was re-appointed?
A lot of people didn’t want billy gone in the first place, McClaren just never worked, Cotterill did what was asked of him and kept us up whilst also treating us to a nice 7-3 victory at a certain Elland Road! And sean O’Driscoll was in many peoples eyes very harshly treated following a great victory against you guys on boxing day last year. Hopefully we are settled for a bit now!

Do you think Billy is the right man for the job?
Billy is a proven championship manager his record speaks for itself the only thing that irks some fans is his attitude towards the media not doing interviews etc but as a manager id say yes at this moment.

What’s the general opinion of Leeds United from a Nottingham Forest supporter?
Id say big club good fans you always fill our end and like ourselves probably feel that you are a premier league club.

With the January transfer window coming up, do you think there is a particular area you need to strengthen?
We desperately need a striker. We are pretty well stocked every where else.

Who should we look out for as your danger man?
Andy Reid has had a great season so far and there aren’t too many better at this level than him.

What formation will you likely play?
We have been playing a 4-2-3-1 recently and will probably stick with that.

What will be your likely line up?
Jara Lascelles Hobbs Lichaj
Vaughan Lansbury
Reid Mackie Reid

Any players from Leeds that you would like to sign?
I wouldn’t mind Ross McCormack!

Finally, prediction for the game?
I’ll go 2-1 Forest




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