Ahead of Tuesday’s game, we caught up with a Bournemouth fan to hear how he thinks the game will go.

Firstly, how do you see Bournemouth doing this season?

Well, our start has been nothing short of brilliant really. None of us were expecting to really do anything and certainly not pick up this many points but I am still cautious and just staying in this division would be excellent.
Has Eddie Howe made much of an impression since returning?


Simply put, yes. Unbelievable return of points and the club has transformed. On and off the pitch we are looking secure and I think all of that comes down to Eddie’s fantastic management.
What’s the general opinion of Leeds United from a Bournemouth supporter?
Well, I personally have a lot of time for Leeds, the fans are great and are so passionate about the club, it will be interesting to see what happens now though, hope they all stick together through this clear bad patch.

Who should we look out for as your danger man?

Brett Pitman is always a handful so I would expect him to cause you some problems on Tuesday.
What formation will you likely play?
Nice and basic 4-4-2. If it’s not broken and all that…

What will be your likely line up?

We will be expecting the same line up from yesterday’s game of Allsop, Francis, Ward, Elphick, Cook, Pitman, MacDonald, O’Kane, Pugh, Grabban and Rantie.
Finally, prediction for the game?
2-0 Bournemouth, Leeds can’t score and we can’t defend which is fortunate. But I definitely fancy us picking up the points Tuesday.


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