Firstly, how do you see Blackburn doing this season and do you consider yourself stronger or weaker than last season?

“When Gary Bowyer was installed as Manager in the summer, hopes were high after all his hard work last season in difficult circumstances. I do think we are stronger than last season and have aquired sone shrewd signings and I am hopeful we will be in the top half this season. It is all about rebuilding the squad this year and push for promotion next season”

How have you been getting on this season? Obviously, we know the results but sometimes that doesn’t tell the whole story.

“We are having some nightmares already this season with results going against us and referees too. When we play well, we play very well but when we play terribly, well we all want to move on avoiding talking about it!”

What’s the general opinion of Gary Bowyer as your manager?

“Personally I am very happy with him. He is Blackburn through and through and knows what he is doing. He has been getting some stick of late for team selections but he is doing his best. I hope Venkys give him longer than previous Managers!”

What’s the general opinion of Leeds United from a Blackburn Rovers supporter?

“I have several friends who support Leeds Utd and my opinion of the club is good. Strong boardroom and Manager with excellent players. Leeds Utd have been in the Championship too long and deserve to be where Blackburn should be too, the Premier league!”

What’s the situation with the venkys these days?

“The less said about these clowns the better. They have destroyed what Jack Walker and the trust built and not too many Blackburn fans have a good word to say about them. The unfortunate situation is, they are crippling us with debt and wont sell up, and if they did, who would buy us now?”

Who should we look out for as your danger man?

“Obviously Jordan Rhodes (if he is fit to play) would be the main danger man. David Dunn is still as vital now to us as he was 10 years ago”.

What formation will you likely play?

“Hopefully back to basics, 4-4-2. It works for us and to good wide men supplying Rhodes!”

What will be your likely line up?

“As long as Kean, Dann, Hanley, Dunn, Rhodes, Rochina are playing, I am happy!”

Any players from Leeds that you would like to sign?

“I would love to see Dioufy back with us. I met him a few times when he was with us and he is a complete gent. Always gets the bad media coverage but I love the man and you are lucky to have him!”

Finally, prediction for the game?

“Have to go for a win for Blackburn, 3-1…. we need the 3 points more ;-)”!

Russell Adams (@BlackburnNoise)



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