The game was below-par all round, but the incident on the sideline at the end of the game actually made me move on from the game feeling happier than I would have done otherwise. Think about it, Leeds were poor in reality, although we shouldn’t really have lost, you can’t get much more luck than their winning goal. Rob Green was outstanding, Vieira had a really good first half, Chris Wood had a tidy finish and that’s about where the praise ends.

So imagine, Wagner runs down the sideline and onto the pitch to celebrate with his players, he jogs back to his technical area with no event, the game ends and Leeds’ players and fans heads are down. Instead, Garry Monk was very smart in what he did, he didn’t like what he saw from Wagner so he looked as calm as possible as he put his point across by walking in-front of Wagner. Wagner didn’t like it and that’s when it all got a bit tasty, the best thing about all this was the whole Leeds team steaming across to back up their manager, would that have happened last year? Would Antenucci and Bellusci have rushed to Steve Evans’ side? I don’t think so. We finally have a team, that’s a nice bonus. My personal highlight of it all was Berardi offering out four Huddersfield players at once. Of course Pontus made sure to be heavily involved too, endearing himself even more with all the fans. He tweeted this after the game

How many players you know would tweet about a scrap at a game?

What I think people don’t realise is, by doing what Monk did, instead of the players going in to the dressing room with their heads down, they went in angry, eager to make sure they put it right. Also, it took the fans thoughts away from the game, because let’s face it, the performance was poor but nobody was thinking about that straight after the game and I’ve hardly thought about it this week. It was a galvanising moment that won’t be forgotten, especially if we have to play them again in the playoffs. Although the players would need no incentive in the playoffs, imagine the added spice in playing Huddersfield. Not only have they beaten us twice without being that good, but now it’s personal too.

Here is the video in case you missed it

Let me know if you agree with what I’ve said or if you disagree completely that’s fine, in the comments below. Make sure to share the article if you agree!



  1. I agree totally, that’s what everyone is talking about(Mellee after winning goal) not the actual match, massive distraction, I’m livid with Wagner, bet all the Leeds players r too, let’s get at em’ in the playoffs no motivation required

  2. Totally agree can’t wait to see them in the playoffs I loved the togetherness the team show and I didn’t see anything from Huddersfield that worries a Leeds team on form

  3. Yes you are right, we have beaten the mighty Leeds twice without being very good, that is because we don’t need to be very good to beat you. Please save yourself the pain of meeting us again in play offs, the result would be exactly the same. Pontus Prick shows all the class that your deluded manager did on Sunday, matey you lot( and Radio Weeds cretins) are the only people who thinks he showed anything other than what Leeds are all about, a club living in the past, going nowhere, and who are laughed at by clubs who they think they should be playing against every week. Look around you mate, you are a run of the mill Championship club, run by crooks, managed by a deluded clown and it aint gonna change this season mate.
    Grow up mate, you were beaten fair and square, you are not that good and you should all be on your knees praying that Wood stays fit ,as without him you will be lucky to be top half of the league.
    Playing Town is fast becoming YOUR cup final, you are just another game to us now pal.
    Not a used mail addess by the way, but interested to hear your reply.

    • Have you escaped from Storthes Hall, which closed years ago ? Get off this forum you low-life, little “chav”. This is a Leeds forum and stop poking your big nose into Leeds business, like all you “SADOS”, seem to enjoy doing for every second of every season, that Leeds have the misfortune to play such an extremely dull and extremely envious club like yours !
      We don’t care what you lot do, because you are nothing to Leeds fans and are small-time rivals, who haven’t done anything for 80 odd years. Bradford and Sheffield Wednesday are bigger rivals to Leeds, than you lot of jealous, rabid dogs.
      Your side-line hobby is to constantly poke your jealous noses into Leeds business, because your club is so dull. You probably have an open-top bus parade, every time you overtake Leeds in the league, because that’s your achievement of your century, which is very, very sad.
      Where have you “dog botherers” been for the past 40 odd years ? In the lower leagues that’s where and you are still in the land that time forgot, even now.
      You are the thugs and you “dog botherers” are getting as bad as Millwall, for your “chav” fans behaviour with that Turkey flag, which is very brave from total bone-heads, who wet themselves in excitement every time you play Leeds, because it’s clearly the highlight of your century.
      I really think that deep down, you lot don’t want to go up, without Leeds going up with you, because you’d miss your Cup Final against the mighty Leeds so much and you and your scum bag “local rag”, would not have anything to look forward to, at the beginning of the season, any more.
      Your childish, excitable manager has obviously been drinking far too much Coca Cola and his celebrations are as classless, unprofessional and far worse and more embarrassing, than Barry Fry’s touchline behaviour of the 1990’s.
      You are the ones, who are living in the past and that probably is the 1920’s, with your flat caps and for your club to think that they are a traditional family club is very, very hypocritical, after the Turkey flag incident.
      Oh, and by the way, where were you, when Leeds did the double over you two seasons ago ? You were all silenced and seem to disappear off the face of the earth for days, that’s where !
      You lot are legends in your own very sad lunch times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Agree with some of this, though I think Huddersfield will be equally motivated by Monk’s dubious comments afterwards. Could Leeds be over motivated in any playoffs, e.g., over physical leading to yet more yellow or even red cards?

  5. Totally agree, Wagner can moan all he wants but he could have easily caused a riot instead he has fired up both leeds players and fans for the coming few months

  6. It didn’t seem like just another game to Wagner he nearly wet himself when his dog bothering team of puppy molestors got that goal at the end

  7. We are Leeds – that’s a great write up – that small town in Yorkshire doesn’t really mean anything onwards and upwards keep the faith havnt felt like this since the start of O’Leary Babes

  8. How someone can accuse Leeds of thuggish behaviour is beyond me. Look at your own manager you cretin, not to mention the Neanderthal 59 year old (yes 59!) who took it upon himself to unveil a Turkish flag! How proud his kids and gran kids will be


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