‘I’m not naive’ – Andrea Radrizzani makes admission about Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United future

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Andrea Radrizzani has opened up about the working relationship with Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa, and where the future lies for the Argentine.

The Italian businessman took charge of the Whites back in 2017 and has overseen a complete change in the ethos and management of the club, for the better.

Ridding the club of a toxic relationship between the fans and the powers that be, Radrizzani’s ambition has ultimately achieved the goal of delivering Premier League football at Elland Road.

It would be almost unanimously agreed that the main factor in making that dream a reality was appointing Marcelo Bielsa. A manager whose style and manner perfectly correlates with how the club wants to be run on a day-to-day basis.

Bielsa is set to be in charge of Leeds for the longest period out of any clubs he has managed in his career and it’s clear to see how well-suited he is to Leeds United as an enterprise and Leeds as a city.

That being said, the lingering fear amongst fans is always there that he won’t be around the club forever, and that time is drawing nearer with the ‘job done’ as Leeds sit in the top flight again.

His legacy will remain but the club know things are destined to change when El Loco is no longer in the dugout, but Andrea Radrizzani has proven his meticulous approach and this eventuality is well-prepared for.

Speaking to La Nacion, Radrizzani commented on the prospect of Bielsa’s time at Leeds coming to an end. He stated: “I have no doubts that Marcelo is the right person to coach Leeds. I’d like to continue the cycle with him, but I’m not naive either.

“On the one hand, Marcelo is very demanding. For me, that is not a problem, and neither is it for the players, who accept their work culture and see the benefits.

“On the other hand, Marcelo is no longer young. He is 65 years old, and his family is often in Argentina. So I don’t know if he wants to stay and for how long. We analyse it every year and decide it together. 

“Obviously, our preference is that it continues. If that is not possible, we will surely have other options in mind.  

“But so far we have not considered these options because we believe and hope you can continue with us.”

We all know Bielsa might not stay much longer than this season, given that his project was to get us settled in the Premier League again.

I would expect that, once Bielsa walks away, there’ll be a host of managers eager to continue his fine work, and with Leeds playing as they are, there could be some desirable names there.

Bielsa came as an enigma to the fans, a very closed book that rarely showed his emotion, but as he’s grown fondness for the club, you can see how he’s almost synonymous with what we’re about now.

His passion for the game is a perfect match for a club likewise, and while his humble nature will always suppress his inner emotion, it’s quite obvious that Leeds United has made a lasting imprint on Marcelo Bielsa.

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