According to journalist Alan Nixon, Paul Heckingbottom’s status as Leeds’ head coach is still under review and largely dependant on whether they can bring in a foreign manager. That foreign manager is believed, although not confirmed, to be Claudio Ranieri, who is looking for a return to English football after leaving Nantes.

Although Ranieri doesn’t have any experience in the Championship, it would be hard to find faults with a manager who achieved the greatest feat in Premier League history, making Leicester City Champions.

It is well-known that Leeds and Heckingbottom had many meetings after the season ended, but on the football side of things, Leeds have been very quiet. Although they have no obligation to publicly back Heckingbottom, it does seem like his future in uncertain.

Let us know what you think, would you like Ranieri to be the next Leeds manager?



  1. there’s no doubt in my mind that heck is not the right man to to manage leeds.
    we need a respected manager that can draw the players needed to get us out of this league and back to being a PL mainstay. we seem to be targeting a better class of player this summer so lets get a manager that can draw some of them in.

    • If we keep Hecky we will have a bad run up until Christmas and then have to sack him, he was average at Barnsley and has been below average for us, get rid now

    • A bit disrespectful towards Ranieri Clive … what he did at Leicester was nothing short of incredible, and, some of his earlier successes were equally impressive, especially at Fiorentina and Valencia. As for looking for his retirement fund … that will already be firmly in place, and, as far as I’m aware, he has not approached Leeds United. Still a better bet than Heckingbottom or his fellow Barnsley boy, McCarthy.

  2. PH out of his deptgh basically he guided barnsley to league 1 … don’t let him take us there too surely decent manger must be a must going forward this season !

  3. Heck should have been sacked soon as he returned from Burma. I like Big Mick, but Ranieri has a great cv. Either one would do. The prob with giving PH a chancre is I predict if they do we’ll be too far off play offs by time he gets sacked. Do it now!

  4. The day Heck joined us TC had 13/30 & PHs Barnsley had 6/30 win ratio.
    At Leeds he managed 4/16.
    That tells all you need to know.
    Or do we waste 16x games & clock up 5x wins then suggest we have turned a corner?
    Football is a results based business.
    On that basis Heck must go now.

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