“Currently the silence coming out of Elland Road is deafening.” That seems to be the majority opinion of this summer’s activity so far. So far the club have only bought in Matt Smith, for the total of a free transfer… All too familiar or a good singing? Probably a bit of both in my opinion. Personally I’m quite happy with the signing of Smith, I think he will add another option for us next season, and plus we got the right Matt Smith because we all know Warnock would have signed Doctor Who!

The thing that is getting at me though is that at the end of the season Brian McDermott was adamant he wanted his signings in for when the team returned for pre season training, at the moment we are only two days away from that date. With the team returning on the 27th we have one new face and quite a few have been released from the club, could this be a problem for team spirit? I personally won’t be setting any alarm bells off until the squad leave for the pre season training camp in Slovenia. By the time we return from that we will only be a couple of weeks away from the season opener against Brighton, you have to wonder if that leaves enough time for any new players to settle in and get familiar with a system that even our current squad won’t be used too. We all saw how an unfit Steve Morison failed miserably to settle in when he signed in January, so there is some established ground work for these facts that we may run out of time.
GFH have been in charge since December 21st and were being slated for the money put up for transfers in January but is that a sign they don’t have any money or did they just not trust Neil Warnock with it? It’s a debate that we’ve all had since the back end of January and despite my hatred for Warnock and his shambolic signings you have to think that it’s the former that is the case here. With the new board openly and desperately seeking investment you get the feeling that Haigh and Patel would prove effective partners for Trotter’s Independent Traders!
I am willing to give GFH until the end of July to take this chance and really make a mark at this football club and bring in some quality players that can really make a difference and give us a push for promotion. But, what do you think? Do you think their time is up or they should be given a chance to turn this round? Please vote and let me know, all feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.
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  1. Matt Smith (The Doctor) is actually a very good footballer and his time machine could come in very handy. I’d rather have signed that Matt Smith! Think of the commercial opportunities, a lot of species in the universe love The Doctor and would buy his shirt

  2. I think they’re moving forward with aprehension becuase they’re not familiar with the running of a football club. My personal opinion is that i’d be happy even without “big names” if we brought up a few young talents from the lower leagues, keyword there young. BMD has a very talented scouting eye, mix that in with the positive players on current squad and youth players coming through the system with proper direction i still think we can make a push.


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