A typical Leeds performance. First half they look like a promotion contender, second half was more like the 15th placed Leeds we know and hate. Anyway, here are the ratings…

Felix Wiedwald – 6 – Didn’t really have to do anything, came and missed at the only ball he went for. Didn’t have a chance with the goal.

Into the defence…



  1. Leeds should and could have won this game. Villa were there for the taking. I was not impressed with the Manager, first for delaying his substitutions (Sacko needs more than 10 minutes or so but even then there were hints of what he could achieve with longer on the field) and second for his post-match comments. How can a Manager be satisfied with a performance that issue in just one goal in a game that shlukd have been wrapped up at half time ? Why should we be pleased with one point when three were available against a surprisingly ordinary Villa team ? Generally his tendency of talking up the opposition has to stop – it lowers the bar of expectation for both players and (some) fans.

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