Juande Ramos is the latest of many names to be linked to the Leeds manager’s job. He appeared from nowhere today to be third favourite in the betting at 6/1. This all stemmed from several people getting information from people close to Leeds that Ramos was almost certain to get the job. This would be a poor move for me, he hasn’t achieved anything in football in a long time and 62 years old we really need to be looking more long-term. His last job in football was at Malaga, he lasted 18 games and had a win percentage of 27.78%. Before that he spent a long time in Ukraine with FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. He hasn’t managed in England since he was at Tottenham 9 years ago and he did a poor job then. When you add all that to the fact he’s never managed in the Championship this would be a simply horrible appointment, with a lot better names out there. To be fair to him, he did well in Ukraine, with a win percentage of 56.30%, but it’s immensely different to the Championship. Ramos has worked with both Orta and Ivan Bravo before, so the link is there for all to see.

I hope this is proved incorrect and Leeds either go ahead with Pep Clotet or appoint someone who at least has a bit of knowledge of the Championship. I know he would be an unpopular choice but I personally go with Alan Pardew, he often has excellent first years at clubs and that’s all we need, someone to get us to the Premier League. He wouldn’t be fazed by the pressure and would be mad enough for Leeds fans to truly get behind.

What do you think? Would Ramos be a good appointment? Let us know in the comments.



  1. No don’t won’t I’m. Would like raver. Ater kranker or renarey or Martin o neyal. Or Stuart Pearce.. Thay are my choice ov managers no one else please


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