I feel ridiculous just writing this, because we have absolutely bottled it and it’s very unlikely any of this will happen. However, would any of us really be surprised if Leeds made the playoffs in the most Leeds way imaginable? Well, these are the ways Leeds can still make the playoffs.

Huddersfield – Huddersfield have been slowing collapsing without many people realising, obviously not on Leeds’ level, but a collapse all the same. They have a game in hand tomorrow night, away to Wolves, followed up by a trip to Birmingham and finishing the season against Cardiff at home.  If Huddersfield lose against Wolves, then all hell breaks loose for them. They don’t want to have to get a result at Birmingham who are fighting for their lives with Harry Redknapp now in charge. I am extremely aware I’m clutching at a mountain of straws, but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that they completely mess up. They’re already below Wednesday in the league.



  1. As the saying goes…it’s a funny old game…owt can happen .it makes for a exciting end to the season not like the boring premiership..COME ON LEEDS..mot

  2. It will all be clearer by Saturday and if we are winning against Norwich it will be interesting as the scores come in during the game. We have had a bad run and the results have gone against us. The others may feel it’s all over and just take the foot off the gas despite what the managers may say to them. No pressure on us now but automatic is the only real way to be promoted. Getting into the play off’s sounds good but the season is extended by a month and puts planning for the next season on hold, the players are tired and three teams in the lottery will be disappointed and may not recover for the next season.
    However, I would still take it and the team which comes into form about now will go up.
    The little silver lining is that if we don’t make it those Season Tickets will be a lot cheaper and if we can keep Monk, get rid of Cellino completely, add to the squad and keep the best players there will really be something to look forward to. Let’s face it this has still been a great season after a shocking start with little expectation.

  3. Oh Yeah, Leeds have to win both games and everybody else has to bottle it. It’s difficult to see that happening, because Reading just need one point, Sheffield need two points, Huddersfield need two points and Fulham need four points, to all keep Leeds in seventh position and that’s providing that Leeds can dig out two rare wins from somewhere.
    If Leeds draw against Norwich, then the season is well and truly over.
    However, Reading losing both of their games and Leeds winning both games, would be a very sweet achievement against the whinging Stam.


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