Is this the end for Christiansen? Leeds player ratings v Brentford


I’m in two minds about Christiansen. One part of me thinks this is a long-term project and we should ride it out, but the other thinks this is relegation form and we can’t keep this going much longer. Leeds have now lost seven games out of eight. Leeds played well for about 30 minutes of the game but you can’t argue with the result, Brentford were the better team.

Andy Lonergan – 1 – I don’t really have any words for him, he’s cost us the game. Both goals he should be saving with ease, back to Felix..?

Into the defence…



  1. He should go. He has no plan b. Should have went 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 with wide men at half time. I through one direction was a name of a pop group, not the managers mind set. Why no Dallas?

  2. I think it’s time to replace the manager as he plays HIS favourites and leaves dallas on the bench. And I honestly think he has lost the plot.

    • It will be Orta telling Christiansen to always pick Akioski.

      The idea behind that is that if he plays every week Orta will hope that he can eventually become the second signing he made that can play at Champioship level. .
      You know and I know that Orta doesn’t know anything about football at all.

  3. Why oh why did we let Rob Green go we’ve now got 2 bloody goalkeepers costing us goals and points Orta s an absolute clown no wonder he got the sack from Middleborough.

  4. As a LUFC fan since 1989…..I have two words……Chris Wilder! Pay Sheff Utd £4 million and we will go up….

    • Wilder has a team passionate British players, who have carried on winning from last season, while Mr Raz has a squad of mostly foreign players and that includes the rookies in the under 23’s and most of them don’t like the toughness of the Championship and are therefore passengers in a league that they shouldn’t be playing in.

  5. Forget Premier League fantasies. At this rate we’ll be in a relegation battle by Xmas! Don’t tel me it couldn’t happen. Just look at today’s results…

  6. This is very poor and very worrying,16 players brought in ,only one any good ..I don’t blame Wood , Taylor going and on top of this we let a player go who wanted to play for Leeds ..Rob Green.Complete disaster and at this rate heading for league 1

  7. Leeds must stop the mistakes and sort the attitude of some players .
    Dallas should have played tonight and if grot is at this level in tc’s opinion then we do have problems.
    Lasogna omg he his the most lazy c.f. i seen in years Leave Roofe in at least he works.
    Will T.C stay difficult to say in this era of a results game then i think he will go can leeds afford to leave him in place.

  8. It’s embarrassing now.
    At least Don Goodman enjoyed our misery.
    Kalvin slept through the game.
    It would have looked so much better if we had a decent goalkeeper, and could well have got a point or three.
    2 silly goalkeeping mistakes made winning impossible.
    TC looks desperate now, and nothing is going right for him.
    There is no one to bring on to improve the team.
    Heart goes out to the fans who travelled paying good money for nothing.

  9. How have janson and ayling become so poor. Can only agree with what’s already been said. Coach has lost the plot if not sacked do decent thing and resign.

  10. He has to go! No passion, no inspiration. Can you imagine Christiansen clanging the teacups off the dressing room walls!?? And that’s the least that’s needed right now. Oh for 11 Berardi’s..

  11. Why is anyone surprised we purchased poor players and second rate staff but at least the club own ER. For gods sake what a smoke screen we need a British manager who understands Yorkshire grit and championship football

  12. False dawn over………..
    AGAIN! Deja vu……Again. Last time I saw us win on the telly Sniffer got the winner in the Cup Final

  13. TC was never going to cut it in the Championship. No idea why he was appointed in the first place. The squad has too many pretty players. We need two or three signings with solid championship experience to pull the squad together, especially in midfield. You can only play Lasogga with wide players otherwise it must be Roofe for his pace and movement.

  14. It is so embarrassing this team are shocking we need a manager that nose the championship and too many foreigners the only player that.s any good that orta as bring in is siaz the rest are below par I.d bring in Sam allardyce or Alan pardewI am a season ticket holder for 34 years

  15. I think he is on borrowed time, but Orta has to take the blame as well. Pontius is over rated. Said last season he was carried many a time by Bartley

  16. Gutted !!! With the 3-1 score line We need a british manager to steady the ship.
    TC has lost the dressing room and also the players are to blame.
    The leeds players are not playing for the famous white shirt they put on.
    At this rate we will be in the relegation zone.
    Players seem to have lost motivation, drive ,eagerness to play for such a big name club.
    We need a change.

  17. TC out. Will be a relagation battle nevertheless, but 7 losses in 8 games doesn’t warrant a place at a club like this. And yeah, should have kept Green and not chased away Monk.

  18. LaSLOWgga absolute joke points to where he wanted the ball and stopped. Laziest Leeds player I have ever seen don the shirt!

  19. Wouldn’t blame Ayling for the miss. Cooper pushed him out of the way – if not he would have kept his balance and the game would have finished 2-2 !

  20. Most goalkeepers are poor these days, because non of them seem to want to catch a ball anymore
    The modern-day ball is more like a beach ball, than the proper Mitre ball of the 1980’s and 90’s, which were very heavy, but that never stopped Ian Baird from getting his body in front of the ball, when charging down shots or corners.
    Even modern-day defenders don’t like getting their bodies in front of the modern-day light beach ball.
    Bunch of light-weights !

  21. It gives me no pleasure to say that I am not surprised by this run of results. If a club sells the spine of the side that won seventh place the previous season and releases (Doukara) or does not use to the full or even at all players still on our books (Roofe, Sacko, Hernandez, Dallas) who in their different ways contributed in their different ways to our rise up the table last season, yet puts its trust in a motley assortment of untested lightweights, only one of whom whom would have pressed for a start in Monk’s team, what else can one expect ? I think we do still have sufficent god players on our books at least mto arrest this slide (though not to achieve a play off position) BUT only under a different Manager. Personally I do not want to hear any more about ‘the project’ – Cellino left us with enough to build on without delaying further our return to the top flight. Mr R’s I am afraid has got his priorities wrong: first getbus out of this Division and then think about the ground, infrastructure, ladies team and so on.

  22. we are f—-d he needs to go with orta and all the garbage players they took to this club pack them up and piss them offfff before we end up in a dog fight at the other end of the table bring in a british manager who knows what is required, A. R YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS DECISION NOW.

  23. I would get a great striker and a great goal keeper instead! Following is an advice to TC or who ever in charge:
    Hi Thomas
    I hope you can use the 2 week international break to sort out our defence!! You see last 3defeats we scored every game! If we can keep a clean sheet in these 3 games, we will have 9 points!! We have 2 terrible goal keepers and they both useless and cost us dearly!!! Get Green back or at least that kind of standard! Because at moment we don’t have a decent goal keeper, the shooting on target must kept 0!!!! That means defenders in front the gate must work even harder!! We must stop this last 10 minuets panic by our defence like today!!! We are 1:1 , and then 10 minuets panic we allowed opposition shooting twice and 3:1!!! There’s no goal keeper!!!

  24. Has anyone noticed the preponderance of Orta signings in the squad.
    The Roife and Dallases always miss out to the Lasogga, Grot and Aliiskis.

    Who really picks the team.

    Orta continually tries to get his personal signings wheeled onto get into the field and play themselves and him out if trouble.

    They get on the field and play Leeds into trouble.

  25. I notice that my previous post does not give a conclusive reason why I think TC should go. Well here it is: successful managers (or leaders in any field) are able generally to hide their anxieties from those they are charged with managing/leading. Unfortunately TC”s anxieties are all too clearly written on his face and in his eyes. If we can see this, then the playets must see it writ large. Furthermore he does not give the impression of someone in control of the situation – his tendency to deflect criticism onto the players is revealing. Basically he lacks confidence in himself. These for me constiute conclusive reasons why he should not continue as our Manager. A comparison with Milanic is begging to be drawn. Better the bluff and bluster of a Steve Evans or the stones faced mien of Monk than the frightened rabbit appearance of the thoroughly decent Mr Christianson. Cellino had many faults but he had a sharp eye for what, in street parlance, I believe is called a ‘loser’. Unfortunately our squad appears currently to be led by one.

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