One of Andrea Radrizzani’s first tasks as 100% owner of Leeds United is going to be upgrading the facilities at Elland Road, including the changing rooms. This is an interesting development considering Leeds don’t even own Elland Road, but who knows, that may be on the horizon too? Radrizzani was in Turin for the Juventus game last night with some of his staff, to not only watch the game but check out the stadium, to get ideas for what he can do with Elland Road. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you but this just shows that Radrizzani is committed to improving the club in all aspects, I believe our transfer window will be different to what we’ve been used to at Leeds, with some decent money being spent. Also expect suites such as the Bremner suite to be refurbished, hence why season ticket holders in there are being made to wait at the minute.



  1. The only problem with upgrades is that it leaves the poor old working man behind.

    The Bremner Suite is going corporate and this weekend season tickets go on general sale in thee ground without us BS season ticket holders having had the opportunity to either buy corporate (!!!!) or select another seat elsewhere.

    So, unfortunately, we are still not all singing off the same hymn sheet.
    Gerry Cwmbran


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