Following their meeting this afternoon, the EFL Board provided an update on the ‘Spygate’ scandal that rocked the football world on the day Leeds played, and beat, Derby County.

The statement essentially said that the board needed more time and will continue to investigate certain aspects at the earliest opportunity. There was no mention and we have no clearer idea on whether Leeds will face any form of punishment.

What’s also interesting is that board members who represented or had interests in Championship clubs were present at this decision. This is due to the fact they will naturally have vested interest to see Leeds punished firmly in terms of points deductions that will be of an advantage to their club. Their is definitely now an emotive side to this case due to the fallout that followed the news breaking with commentators, managers and just about everyone broadcasting their opinion on what happened and what should or shouldn’t happen to Leeds as a result.

‘Spygate’ came to be after Derby County spotted a representative from Leeds United observing their training session from a vantage point (on a main road). It is believed Leeds were trying to garner early information on whether or not Harry Wilson was training and thus in contention to be selected for the fixture. However, Leeds did not strictly break any rules on this matter as the EFL doesn’t make clear its stance on espionage.


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