In another plot twist to the Leeds United saga, Massimo Cellino confirmed on Sky Sports News that his company Eleonora Sports have entered talks with Mike Farnan’s group Together Leeds to try and rescue the club. Cellino went on to tell sky sports that the football league should clear him and to put the best interest of the club and he said “they are hurting Leeds, the club, not Massimo Cellino.” In another amusing Cellino moment, he said “I could buy a new yacht every month with the money I’ve put in Leeds.” Cellino then went to declare himself not guilty of tax evasion. When someone is using quotes like this you have to seriously wonder how much money he has actually put into the club already!

A few moments later on twitter Adam Pope released a mini statement from Mike Farnan’s group which said; “Massimo Cellino and Eleonora Sport Limited have been and continue to be in discussions with Mike Farnan and TogetherLeeds regarding strategy, partnership and cooperation. The talks have been very constructive. Everyone should be excited by these discussions as they are in the best interests of all parties including the Football League, Leeds United, its players and staff and, most importantly, it’s loyal and enduring fans.”

Adam Pope that as he understood it, Cellino was the one to approach to Eleonora Sports about the talks and he then said that if Cellino’s appeal was to fail then TogetherLeeds would continue to work with Cellino and Eleonora Sports. Phil Hay however said that it would be a no go if the Cellino appeal was to fail but we will see the outcome of what happens over the next few days, but Phil Hay did say, which is the best news of the day, that as far as Farnan was concerned then any deal between TogetherLeeds and Eleonora Sports would NOT include GFH at all.



  1. Farnan and Cellino hope this is for real the whole situation caused by clueless BAHRAIN idiots is now just a bloody joke come on FL make the sensible decision for once in your lives and give Cellino a chance get us out of this black hole were in please . MOT

  2. This would give a good platform to rebuild Leeds United and possibly the best outcome. There would be a lot of football experience on the board and the mix of skills to do the job properly. GFH out now!


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