Everyone remembers the Charlton away game when Redfearn was in-charge and 6 players mysteriously got ‘injured’ at the same time. The only one consistently still involved at Leeds is Doukara, I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t like Doukara for a very long time. This wasn’t helped by the fact that his ceiling was average and he was consistently below that. This guy allegedly refused to play for Leeds, I and many others had no reason to believe the people at the club saying this and it really didn’t make much sense that they’d all become injured on the exact same day when nothing really happened.

But alas, things change, people change and I believe Doukara has changed. I have been on the fence for most of this season, usually siding on the side of disliking him. However I have reached the stage of not being able to dislike him. Yes, he has the odd poor game like the game against Cambridge, but on the whole, he’s been performing consistently in the Championship.

His football has done the talking for him of late, he is sound defensively which is a big a surprise as any, he holds the ball up well and his passing is improved. He’s actually got a decent finish on him, it’s just a shame he doesn’t get the ball off the ground very often. You can tell he’s fully integrated into the team too, you could tell through the last few years that a lot of the Cellino signings weren’t. This year though, the way the players celebrate every goal and after win shows you everything you need to see.

How much better can he get? Well, he’s only 25 and with an excellent coaching staff there is a chance he can improve even more, I think his shooting can be worked on and possibly his decision-making at times. It seems he spent a lot of the summer really working on his game, putting in extra effort to improve when most thought he would be leaving the club in the summer, so fair play to him.

I think it’s time for everybody to give Doukara another chance and I know how hard that is for some people, but this season could be special and there’s no point hating a vital part of the team. Let me know what you think, is Doukara a good player now, or is it just a phase?



  1. I always thought doukara was very good player he strong quick and very good at holding ball up there is definitely improvement in him I think he will only get better the more games he gets

  2. Darryl, do not talk about yourself like that, there must be someone out of the 7+ billion on the planet who has the slightest amount of time for you.

  3. In the few games I’ve seen in Australia he seems to be in a bad mental space. Either too much ego or too insecure, He appears to be worried about image more than football at times. Glimpses of one of Leeds more skillful players, strong on the ball and then doing a strut instead of chasing when it’s needed or drifting into the edges off the play. Someone in the sheds needs to get into his head and sort him out and get the weight off his shoulders so he relaxes the mind and engages the body.

  4. I’m like a lot of others, one commentator said,it’s like tackling a heavyweight boxer,not quite sold on him yet.


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