I’m done.

We’ve been embroiled in takeover talk for every season I can remember, but being Leeds United, we always find a way of dragging it out, being linked with the wrong people, and selling key players in the process. You might say it’s a miracle we’re still here.

But it’s nothing new, is it? When Ken Bates finally let go and GFH Capital bought the club stability looked on the horizon. They said very early on that they would welcome any credible investment to help them move the club forward, but now it’s all up in the air, again.

The main word is ‘credible’. In the last month or so, we’ve been linked with the lot: our current managing director with  a consortium led by a Leeds fan; an ex-Manchester United commercial executive and his consortium; and last but not least, the Italian ‘King of Corn’ Massimo Cellino.

While Sport Capital’s bid, which looked likely through November and December, has collapsed,the BBC claim Cellino is closing in on a takeover and a 75% stake in the club. If the rumours of embezzlement and other financial corruption are anything to go by, we could have another Uncle Ken style scenario on our hands. Oh dear.

In fact, Phil Hay has tweeted the deal is all but done, it is just awaiting Football League approval. My heart has just sunk.

A story doing the rounds in midweek was that Cellino wanted his ideal head-coach, Gianluca Festa, in the dugout on Tuesday night for United’s game against Ipswich at Elland Road, sparking strong rumours that he favours a head-coach rather than a manager.

And in the last hour or so United have rejected a £4 million bid from Cardiff City for skipper Ross McCormack, after rejecting a £3.5 million pound bid from West Ham earlier in the week.

Who knows how this day, and indeed the next month or so will end. Will the club implode? Possibly. Will the season end in the same manner the last one did? Probably.

I’m not being negative or pessimistic, I’m being realistic. We’ve being kicked while we were down too many times in the last couple of years.



  1. Long suffering leeds fan wondering when this nightmare will end. What is going on at ER? Does anyone know? The treatment Brian McDermott was an absolute disgrace he was brought in on false promises and shafted to the last totally gutted and want some official statement with what’s happening next? The official site still has McDermott on? Confused

  2. Good article, I think it is bad, once again that we are kept in the dark,and very bad that we sack a man right now.Things have been just as bad for the last 10 years.I think before next season begins in August, we will see some big changes,not sure which division we will be in though.

  3. All I can see is BATES BATES and more BATES. When will someone with the supporters and club at heart rather than how much can I make out of this take over this dieing giant.

  4. The whole thing is a farce and the sound of silence from the club is deafening. Even now the website says “The boss focused on the game”. I’m not usually one for demonstrations but the fans really need to make their feelings known, in my opinion by not turning up. An empty stadium would speak volumes to the new owner. I don’t get what will happen if he fails the fit person test, what then? Absolutely gutted for Brian Mc, he was the best thing to happen to the club for years.

  5. LUFC will now become a dumping ground for second class Italian players eager to be seen in the UK in the hopes of lucrative contracts (not at Leeds), and with absolutely NO loyalty or commitment to LUFC. By the end of this week we will have been “loaned” 2-3 such players who will have absolutely no street cred and even less talent.
    Our Academy will return to the background and simply act as a feeder for more stable and ambitious clubs. Our best youngsters will leave.
    At the end of the season (assuming we stay in this league – which is a major doubt now) we will lose our better 1st team players and by this time next year be struggling at the bottom of League 1.
    We also may well be in Administration as sponsors remove funding and those who have loaned money in good faith to the Club, recall their loans.
    Well done GFH ! Amazing business sense. You’ve managed in a single year to ruin one of the proudest football clubs in the country, disillusion thousands of committed fans and pull the rug from underneath a group of players who, for the first time in 10 years, were trying to build something special.
    And the FL have sat back and watched this – Governing Body ?? Yeah, right !


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