In our season predictions, we said that Wolves would win the league, last night did nothing to change our mind on that one. Although showing brief signs of life at 2-1, Leeds were the inferior side last night and Wolves deserved to win.

Andy Lonergan – 4 – Not at it in the slightest, probably the time to go back to Felix or even better, sign an actual good keeper in January.

Into the defence…



  1. Had either Bellusci or Bartley still been with us – plus a proper left back – we would not be experiencing these defeats. Both these players knew how to tackle and to position themselves to meet onrushing forwards. The absence of a left back is frankly an embarrassment. Berardi is a decent defensive right back but no more than that – the absurd lionising using of both him and Jannson has to stop. The Manager of course has to go – he seems incapable of thinking strategically or adjusting his selections to suit circumstances and opposition. As for Mr R. he has mistaken our priorities – the long term plan must have promotion as its priority, all the other stuff comes next, as it did with Leslie Silver. Finally the club’s chroniclers – yes Square Ball and even LUST – must realise that the overwhelming majority of fans are less interested in image and feelgood factors than having a successful side to cheer on their days off. We can do our politics elsewhere.

    • Absolutely! As I said on another blog this morning Radrizzani has some fantasy scheme with his experimental project to see how far this club can go on as little money as possible. It won’t work and also if he thinks he can produce a team of young world beaters from the Academy then dream on.
      I don’t care about posters, flags and bits of card oe a shabby stadium etc. When I travel a 130 mile round trip and pay for a season ticket I want to see some quality football players after years of misery. That means priority in proper investment in players, management and backroom staff.
      OK, maybe I was spoilt with the Revie years and the Wilkinson era but that has to be the aspiration for this club and nothing less because that is the history we believe in.

  2. What needs to change is get rid of Orta and invest money in quality players, we are miles away from finishing in the top 6 too many mediocre players mid table finish at best. Yet another wasted season with a Chairman who won’t invest in the team. Why buy Elland Road when it was the team that needed investment. Why let Rob Green go beggars belief we now have 2 crap keepers. We needed a centre half and left back and a striker capable of scoring 20 goals we have none of these things wake up Radriazzani we have had 14 years of this it is time it changed for us long suffering fans.

    • Indeed we are. Like you I am a long time supporter – 62 years since my first match to be precise (it feels longer since my Dad was a pre-war Leeds nut). I have never felt so annoyed on the playing side since the last Premiership season. It was so unnecessary – to let go of Monk (who was good enough ) and employ Orta, let alone release or sell players who nearly got us there last season (only Taylor was a given departure).

  3. I hope we start with Ekuban on Saturday and drop out Hernandez, Beradi and Lonergan. Time to bring Klich in and Dallas but I guess it will be O’Kane who for me is too lightweight for this division and puts us under pressure with stupid square passes.
    We could give Coyle a chance and bring in Doukara, Bridcutt and Green. Oh no of course they aren’t here anymore – Silly me or crazy Christiansen and Orta.
    If this is the way Christiansen sets up an away game against the best team in the Championship by a country mile then he is not fir for purpose. We should have played boring Reading type football with two banks of four and hit them as and when with speed on the break.
    Barnsley will be at it on Saturday and if we get nothing from the game it must be down the road for Christiansen and his staff.

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