As if today wasn’t bad enough for Leeds and Leeds fans, other clubs have decided to join in. Aston Villa came up with this, quite truthfully, brilliant effort.

When you think maybe we’re only an embarrassment in England, you couldn’t be more wrong. Zenit St Petersburg even decided to join in

It’s safe to say this has gone about as bad as a badge unveiling could possibly go. With the petition already reaching 30 thousand signatures, you can add yours here

Even Pontus Jansson has had his say, this is loosely translated to “shocking”

Just another day at Leeds United, nobody else could mess up this badly.



  1. This can’t be allowed to happen ! It’s just horrendous and would probably be more suitable as an individual supporters club badge.
    Could they not have just put the Yorkshire rose on the bottom half of the badge, rather than a man with a broken arm.
    Even the “happy clappers” and crawlers can’t defend this !!!!!!!!!!

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