Moving away from all the fuss about Byram and his contract; let’s remind ourselves of the sheer brilliance that is Charlie Taylor.

Whilst people talk about Byram’s breakthrough season, and Cook’s breakthrough this season. We forget Charlie Taylor, who’s rooted to his spot at left back, and nobody will take that from him – mainly because he’s our only left back, but I’m sure it’d be his anyway.

Taylor and Byram are similar in the way that they play – attacking, defending with a little bit of a one-two between Mowatt & Cook thrown in. All of the academy kids are truly talented individuals – but one stands out from the others, not because he’s the best… but because he never stops working. Charlie Taylor.

When Warnock was sold to Derby earlier this year, Stephen Warnock headed to Derby County – leaving us with a huge gap at the left of our defence, or so we though. Come in, Charlie Taylor.

The season before his big breakthrough, Taylor was on loan to Fleetwood Town. That season, Taylor played in 32 league games, helping Fleetwood reach the play offs. Coming back from his loan on high hopes, he finally got his chance – a chance, he took extremely well.

With all the panic about Warnock easing, due to solid performances from Taylor; Taylor cemented a first team spot, a spot that nobody will take from him anytime soon.

Taylor has scored some great goals – the pick of the bunch would probably have to be his most recent goal against MK Dons. Big run from the left side, knocks it past a few Dons players, and finishing off into the bottom corner. Superb, for a left back…

Goals like that, and the way he plays, reminds me every time I watch him that we really do have a special player here.

Taylor has slotted in perfectly at Leeds United. Consistently in the first team, and consistently brilliant.

I like to think we seem to forget about how fantastic Charlie Taylor really is, because his play is so mature. Like he’s in his early 30s, and been from club to club. But, he isn’t. He’s 22, and plays like an experienced veteran. That in itself, is a talent. Decision making, the runs and the tackles all remind me of a player that oozes experience. What would Taylor be like if he had experience like that? He’d be a winger’s worst nightmare.

The lads we have that have come through the academy are all special. But for me, there’s two that are irreplaceable in every way possible. Lewis Cook, and Charlie Taylor. Two different players, two different uses, and two aims in their play. Work hard and win. The pair have ushered in a new standard of what’s expected. For me, they’ve changed the boundaries. Losing them especially, would be more than harmful.




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