LW – Alfonso Pedraza – Bringing back Doukara worked a treat didn’t it? No, he was dire. It’s time to bring Pedraza in, he’s looked good, especially at Elland Road when teams don’t just sit back, which I don’t think Norwich will.

RW – Hadi Sacko – I don’t rate Sacko in the slightest but I think we need his pace on Saturday, surely we’re owed a good performance by him?

ST – Chris Wood –
At one point it looked certain he’d hit the 30 goals mark, but he’s currently on 28 with two to play. He really deserves to make it there and I believe he will.

Leeds have to go into the game all guns blazing, we’ve got a very slim chance of making the playoffs but whilst it’s still there they need to give 100%. I have a feeling there will be a final twist in the tail.



  1. no one gives a toss what you think with your selection. the manager will decide the team and then we will see. sick of idiots like you thinking know it all by trying to announce team

  2. If we paid a reported 2 million for Antonssen then there must have been something reasonably special about him.
    When we have been so short of goals apart from Wood I can’t understand why he has not been given a run in the team. Without a few games under his belt we will never know.
    However, I would like to see him start on Saturday. It can’t be a risk compared with what others haven’t done these last few games.


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