In an unsurprising turn of events, it seems Kyle Bartley is set to follow Garry Monk and sign for Middlesbrough. Leeds will have been expecting this to happen and have been looking at centre-backs themselves, considering only the club only has two first-team centre-backs, one of which is Liam Cooper. We wrote this piece on potential replacements for Kyle Bartley a while ago.

Kyle Bartley and Pontus Jansson were the bast CB partnership we’ve seen at Leeds since the Premier League, but if Bartley wants to be a snake like Garry, we’ll just move on. No one man is bigger than Leeds United. Leeds will be looking to appoint a manager themselves in the next week and then they can start signing players. Preseason is also set to be announced on Monday.



  1. I think Andrea Radrizzani is our last chance to make it to the Premiership ever again. We have bee out of the PL for to long and it will be more and more difficult to get back.
    So we should back Andrea in everything he do and trust the man to do the best for the Club, the fans and himself. I think he did say 5 years would be the time to make Leeds Utd. a stable PL Club, and if not he would sell the Club. We will not be happy about everything he do, but must believe that is done to make the goal for the Club. I would not make much protest if Chris Wood would be sold for 15-20m pounds as I think he will not repeat last seasons goal scoring and will be remembered as one season wonder. And the money would be enough to get 3 top players in. Please stay behind Andrea and the Club for this last chance to make Leeds Utd. great again.

    • The fans will be behind Radriziani if he hires a proven championship manager who has achieved a promotion from this division before, fans would be very happy with Karanka, hopefully this happens, he wants to come to the club!

  2. Can’t blame them we are a club living on memories we will never reach the heights of those days again .Boro have strong foundations and are a much bigger club now . Good luck to both and to Chris Wood when he joins them .

  3. 5 years!!!
    Another 5 years on top of Bates 5 year plan???
    On top of Cellino’s wasted years???
    If he sells Wood it will be to buy ER, not build a team.
    A lot of season tickets have already been sold in the belief
    that we are going to make a big push this coming season.
    No-one will support another self-seeking con-man!!
    Let us hope he is not like all recent owners, who have taken us for a ride!!

  4. ive never seen someone treat a former manager like leeds have done! calling him a snake for choosing a team who have just come from the prem with a decent team and more money spending power than any other team in the champ! It was your chairman who fucked up not offering him a long enough contract when hes done better in one season than any other previous manager for the past 10+ years! stop being so bitter towards him you leeds fans should be taking it out on your chairman! enjoy finishing 15th again haha

    • High big john.
      The fans were angry with Mr Monk because they felt he had let them down.
      The team performed ok but did not dominate many games and fell away dramatically in the end.
      Mr Monk could not motivate the team during the run in when we were in a strong position.
      Even with all that the fans pledged their support for him.
      I am sure if his performance at Boro ends up being equally disappointing, you will not back him at all.
      Boro fans turn on their teams and managers too quickly.
      You have a fantastic Chairman who supports his managers with big money, yet he is constantly let down!!
      I wish we had him!!!

  5. Now Monk as gone and Bartley wants to follow, let Bartley go with Monk (we’re better than both of them). Let’s get the players that WANT to play for Leeds and push for that promotion again but this time achieve it. It’s been to long now Leed being out of top flight football and we need this to progress forward into the coming seasons, and put us back where we belong. Elland Road is a top flight ground and as held many great games there.. Players now need to prove they want to play for Leeds and commit and fight for places and be the players the fans and the club can say we wouldn’t have done it without them. I’m backing Leeds for promotion this season and hope the rest of you agree. PL is where Leeds should be. Let’s get the players that can get us there but also keep hold of them, making them see that Leeds United FC is the team to play for in the future.
    All the best Leeds for this season and let’s get back into top flight.
    Marching on Together

  6. We need a manager that wants to achieve and wants to stay and go with what the board and the club want but also give his opinion and please Leeds United board and Andrea listen to them they know the players and how the game should be played listen to the manager and let them manage the team.

  7. No, I disagree Henrymouni, he’s brought in two good board members and who have been with top clubs like Real Madrid and the other a Spanish club, Valencia, I think. But, anyway, I don’t think he’ll sell Woods, all supposition on your part. Andrea is appointing the right people in his board committe, so I fully support him. The 5 year goal Andrea is not Bates at all and from his good vibe demeanour is genuine and not a con-man, like Ridsdale or others. Chiellini did save us from con-men and no interest in our club, i.e. GFH banking investing group; they’re the ones that really messed up our running of Leeds club and at least Chiellini acquired the shares from the con-men money banking schemers and no love for the club at all and Chiellini removed them from the board committee.

    • Cellino did not remove GFH – he paid a large amount to get rid of them, and the club will be paying that for quite a while.
      We have been blessed with one conman after another, with no protection from the Football league.
      We know very little about Andrea or his plans, apart from the fact that he will not be spending on much apart from ER.
      He has said that we will be looking to young players (cheap and inexperienced) when we need seasoned quality players to get us out of this league.
      We must give him chance as we always do, but let us wait and see what happens.
      A lot of fans have already bought season tickets expecting a real push for promotion.
      Then Mr Monk left and we are in Limbo once again.
      The new men will only be successful if the team is!!
      Backroom staff do not play, and it will be interesting to see if they actually do anything!!
      Cellino’s staff did not show us any improvement at all.
      The first team squad must be No1 priority, not the Sporting Directors , Managing Directors etc.


  8. A season of potential success is drifting away. Something positive needs to happen this coming week but presently I have no confidence in the owner and his new directors. The smoke signals were there after the Wigan game regarding Monk and were not heeded.
    Hey, just another typical pre season at Elland Road – new owner again and same old, same old……….!
    No wonder Monk smelt the coffee and said no thankyou.

  9. This season is already over, we have a billionaire who refuses to spend money, that’s fine so it looks like we’ll probably get Hockaday back as manager, because no sane manager will want to manage a club who refuses to spend any money. 5 year plan is a joke, time does not exist anymore in football, money has to be splashed in the short term to get where you want.

  10. It’s appalling and disgusting the way that Leeds are being run. We are going backwards again and are now well behind what we were at this stage last summer, when at least there was a Coach in place, at the beginning of June.
    If Chris Wood goes to the “dog botherers”, then that will be another huge kick in the teeth, for the conned and cheated Leeds fans.
    At this moment there is absolutely no positivity or anything to get excited about at Leeds and it’s as if the club has once again closed down, just like last summer and the summer before. Italian owners seem to have the habit of doing that at Leeds.
    What a shambles !


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