Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has today confirmed that Neil Redfearn will not be continuing in his current role as first-team coach once this season is over. The news may ruffle a few feathers in the United camp and with the fans, especially given our excellent form in the second half of the season, but this doesn’t appear to bother Cellino, as we’ve already seen with some of his bizarre decisions during his short tenure.

Redfearn doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s received from Cellino, he steadied the ship in his first spell in charge after David Hockaday’s disastrous appointment. Second time around he’s brought the club out of the relegation mire and into a comfortable mid-table position. Just take a look at the form table from the last 10 matches, it just proves how bad we were in the first half of the season, and how well Redfearn has done with pretty much the same group of players.

Form table last 10

I’m genuinely disappointed by Cellino’s decision. In my opinion he should’ve been given at least the first six months of next season to get it right. With a couple of wingers, who knows what we could do under Redfearn’s leadership? Not even the fans will change his mind, though, so we’ve got to move on and hope that his next appointment is a good one. I hope he doesn’t try and experiment again, like with both Hockaday and Darko Milanic. I’d like to see someone with Championship experience, someone who will bring good, attractive football, and someone who can tell Cellino what really needs to be done.

What are your thoughts on the breaking news from today? Is Cellino’s decision not to extend Redfearn’s contract the correct one, let us know by commenting below. We would really appreciate your views, and may even put them in a reaction type article.

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  1. Would be a vEry big mistake. Very destructive. Cellino can’t see past the end of his nose. It will all end in tears. Abominable decision making, wacky!

  2. Personally I find it difficult to believe in this article because the only April fool is the writer and not the readers.

  3. Bring back ‘the Hock’.
    Though my first choice would be Kelly Brook! The Hunchfront of Elland Road!!
    This great run we are on, is not who we are!!
    These calm waters we are in just now, are making us all sea sick!!
    Bring back confusion and despair!!
    I’m no fool!!

  4. The bloke’s a brainless prick.

    I will not be renewing my season ticket in the bremner suite – and I thought it was promotion next season he wanted. We have had an excellent foundation year and this will demoralise the team and staff at Elland Road because if Redders is not safe after what he’s achieved this year then NO-one is safe at Elland Road.

    no more lutv, no more matches – until he sells up and pisses off back to mafia land

  5. Look at the date guys.

    Cellino is unable to have any meaningful role at Leeds until next month – that includes taking decisions not he manager.

    Good try – but not fooling me.


  6. As others have said, April fools day brings out the silly things, but reading the article is a lot more convincing/believable than the ground share with Rotherham, or the PL doing “scripted” games in the US (Independent article)

  7. Big mistake , everybody will be gutted , players and us fans are gobsmacked . Cellino better have a good reason , the fans will now revolt .

  8. must be another April Fool thingy…its a bad joke though..Redfearn can be the next Revie..with the youngsters.on board and those jumping in soon..we have got momentum..we got to ride..Cellino being Cellino is real killjoy..

  9. What’s going on?? First we are being sold to the Russians,then our manager is being sacked by a NONE existent chairman. IS THIS APRIL the FIRST?????

  10. A typical Leeds United kick in the balls I think at last we are going in the right direction when out of the blue we shoot ourselves in the foot we have a manager who understands the league we are playing in just give him the time and resources he needs and next season we will be contenders


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