Change… It is one of the toughest things for people accept. Of Course, not all change is good. However, it is worth giving change a try in order to understand if change is what is needed. For Leeds United, “change” is all that has been going on this summer.

We have gone from having a Manager to a Head Coach. The club has let many average players go and in the same moment lost our best striker to a rival Championship Club. We have seen many coaches around the club leave and out of the coaches leaving, Richard Naylor has to be the biggest loss of the bunch. We have even seen a future prospect sent back to his club before putting pen to paper due to a mutual understanding of the player not being a good fit for Leeds United. Our current players have been asked to move closer to the City of Leeds and we have been informed that the idea of picking up the players by a private, team bus is possibly the new method of team travel.

These changes are not all new; some of them are something of the past. Some are things that were normal during the greatest era of our club’s history. Some are things that are totally new to us and we don’t know what to think.
So, what has all this change gotten us? Well, we have brought in new talented footballers that have top-level quality. The Manager is now a Head Coach, he is not left wondering about the transfer window, and he is able to focus on the team. The result of that so far, is a 16-0 win in friendly where the main focus was fitness levels. Our best striker with a value of 5-7 million has left us for 11 million. Former Manager Brain McDermott is gone along with a few others. Richard Naylor is gone and his sacking has not been the best change we have made (in my opinion) but a point was proven. This point is that there are too many coaches at the club that can do the same thing. Jonathan Rossini has not signed, expressed gratitude towards Leeds United, and hopes to have another opportunity in the future. The club is now “debt free” and has 20 million in working capital not even including the 11 million made off of the sale of Ross McCormack.

All of these things we have seen and we know about. However, it’s the bigger picture for Leeds United. A club that is now “debt free” and plans for the future. Leeds United is now a club that makes transactions not worrying about if that new player will be sent back early to ease a debt burden.
I have a friend who has supported Leeds United for over 30 years. I asked him how he felt about all the new things that Cellino has been doing and changing. He told me, “to be honest, I would just like an owner who isn’t there to bleed the club dry.” I agree and feel like finally, we may have that owner. This owner is one who is here to drive and maintain a Ferrari not a Fiat.



  1. Every thing big Mass as done so far had to be done,if we can produce an half decent team this season , it will have been a good first year,,,MOT

  2. Desperate for 1 central defender..1 back up right back..2 wingers…though I hope doukara has been brought in to play on the wing and not as a striker and 1 good striker though I would rather have 3 new strikers and lose hunt and morrison in the process but im not greedy ill settle for 1 proven goalscorer alongside smith with the expectation poleon can dig deep and play a bigger role this season when needed..cant believe mcdermott never used him out wide when we were in such desperate need for pace….cant have been worse than kebe or stewart and wouldnt have wasted any more cash…..

  3. Who know’s if Cellino’s ways will work – it may well be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire but one thing’s for sure – whatever we have been doing over the last decade as a club most certainly hasn’t worked. OK so we don’t know much about ‘The Hock’, we know very little about the Italian players (predominately) coming in but maybe, just maybe this might be the new start we are all craving for. Lets hope so, get behind Cellino, Hockaday et al and MOT!

  4. I do believe that we should give some young players game time and would like to see what the likes of Dawson Walters Coyle and Taylor can do. Obviously there is a risk in playing too many inexperienced players but often these young players development stall because managers/coaches are not prepared to take the risk by giving them any real chance. I’d rather give them a go than rely on the mediocrity of Morison, Hunt and Norris.

    I would rather have a solid season to build a team of academy players blended with experience/nous that can compete successfully the following year and thereafter than have these hotpotch teams of journeymen/loans who are thrown together in desperation and who, when it comes down to it lack any ambition and are playing for the money not the shirt.

    What does concern me is that of the current crop of players, excluding the new reruits,not many have any real presence and leadership qualities – we need someone to shake everyone up when the games get tough. Any ideas??

  5. After a terrible 10 years, culminating in last season’s debacle, Massimo has my full support.
    He has quickly surmised how bad our squad was, and taking drastic action.
    How successful that drastic action will be, will depend on the new recruits, including the coach.
    Lean & mean sounds good to me.
    One thing for sure, if we are struggling Massimo will be in with the big hammer.
    Half time and full time talks would be something to hear!!!
    It has been a terrible summer for British teams, so roll on this season kick-off!!
    Usually when new players come to our club, we have some idea who they are.
    I can’t wait to see the new recruits.

  6. Lets go back to the 70s (SIR DON,s ) era the players then worked together ate together arrived together and had a soap rub down together this as we all know gave us a team that would run through a brick wall for leeds united all for one and one for all attitude i hope this is the start of this attitude again lets MARCH ON TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME

  7. Massimo is bringing his training methods / practices over from Italy maximum fitness and ball skills = a winning team just the right pegs in the right holes is the hard thing to do and I believe that MC and staff are working towards that goal,we must be patient and give him a chance for it all to work.
    mot ciao massimo

  8. El Presidente already gets it,that’s the reason or one if the reasons he’s here.
    He seems to have a nose for the fans feelings.He can sense from the atmosphere that the fans create that everything is in place for greatness bar the team,and he seems to be sorting that out

    El Presidente is the Man,I hope words don’t appear on the menus at Xmas and someone makes me eat them,but I get a good feeling about this bloke.


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