Buffon, the 41 year old PSG goalkeeper. Wages astronomical. Just the type of player Leeds are capable of paying. Surely, surely, he’d take a wage cut of at least 100 grand a week to come and play his football at Elland Road? A lovely little retirement kitty for him whilst he starts to settle down for retirement. Maybe he’d even buy a nice 4 bed close to Thorp Arch.

Not likely.

David Anderson of The Mirror has confirmed today what we all knew. Leeds are not trying to sign Gianluigi Buffon. Shock.

The real story here is in Anderson’s further claim that Leeds aren’t looking to sign a goalkeeper at all. Much has been asked of whether Leeds will continue to fork out for Kiko Casilla’s wages which are of a Premier League standard and there’s a fair argument that Leeds didn’t quite see the returns they’d be hoping from such a financial outlay.

Leeds obviously have large constraints on their resources available to them, this much has been proven by the lack of transfer activity so far. A goalkeeper is not of the highest priority when it boils down to it, and Leeds are far better staking more into the position that they really need.




  1. If Casilla stays we won’t get promotion = he’s too erratic and grossly overpaid which doesn’t help create a cohesive team

  2. I think a top goalkeeper is a priority. I blame Casilla for starting the mistakes that led to our failing to beat Derby in the play offs and failing to get promotion. That was the 2nd time he collided with a defender because he was way out of his goal and completely in the wrong position. I hope they snd Casilla back to Spain. I would rather have Miazek in goal than him.

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