Yes, in an extraordinary turn of events, it has been reported that several Premier League teams are interested in Chris Wood. Apparently we could be receiving bids of anywhere between 10 to 20 million pounds. Basically, every report that came out last night about Chris Wood was a whole lot of nothing. Yes, teams will be interested in Chris Wood, this is not a surprise. He may want to go, he may not. However, he was recently quoted as saying he wanted to stay and get Leeds back into the Premier League, not that footballers words really mean anything these days. The facts are though, that he’s getting paid pretty well as it is, is one more year really going to hurt his career? If he’s not a one season wonder then it won’t. Are clubs really going to pay £20m for Chris Wood? Because I think that’s what it’ll take for Leeds to sell him, why sell for any less, how do we replace 30 goals?

So basically, don’t get worked up over the news about Wood, it’s just typical talk of a player who had an extremely good season. I personally think Wood will stay here, he might even sign a new contract, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Radrizzani did that, partly to make a splash and partly because it’s just good business. He hasn’t bought Leeds to remain in the Championship, if he wants to make money then the Premier League is where he’ll get that, you don’t get to the Premier League by selling your best players, so chill out everybody.



  1. Not stressed by it one bit
    Personally I don’t believe Wood could ever be more than a bit part player in the premier league similar to Jordan Rhodes who is a better striker
    And if we did get between 10/20 million I can honestly say we could get two better strikers for that money who can actually score from open play and present more opportunities for the midfielders and crumbing strikers to get their goals


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