Lewis Cook is set to join AFC Bournemouth for £6m with a Medical scheduled on Friday. More to follow.



  1. Typical scenario. We buy second rate players and sell the first rate ones we have spent years nurturing and who really want to play for us. Can anyone tell me this is a sensible tactic or that it is part of our ambition to get back to the Premier League.

  2. 6m is a laughable amount, any club with real ambition of getting to the prem, wouldnt accept that.

    Derby who have been pushing for the premier league for years have always kept their younger players like hughes to build a team around them.

    Cellino OUT!

  3. After the Lord Mayors Parade.Sorry this looks nailed on,thought things going too well,Taylor next,then back to pre season blues.Still the signings are good,he could be playing against us nnext years.

  4. Nice buy, unfortunately from Dirty Leeds, still always nice to aquire a new little feeder club….

  5. No club in the right mind would sell a young player with such a huge talent for such a small fee!! Cellino will be making life for himself at Elland Road unbearable if he sells him, as there will be an obvious backlash from the Elland Road Faithfull.


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