The big breaking news this morning is that Leeds and Fulham have agreed a huge £11 million deal for striker Ross McCormack.

McCormack has been unsettled at Elland Road ever since the arrival of Massimo Cellino but it seems as though his escape from the club is all but confirmed.

If the £11 million figure is correct, it represents some great business by Cellino, to be fair. For me, personally, he’s worth no where near that.

Wish him luck and move on. I fully expect a large sum of that £11 million to be used to strengthen the United squad ahead of the 2014/2015 campaign.

The McCormack deal is expected to be confirmed later on today.



  1. what a result. He was fantastic last year with his goals and good luck to him. However it is interesting that no premiership club showed massive interest in him. For me he’s a very good championship player and it would have been nice to keep him but at £11m it’s great business for Leeds. I believe Massimo will re-invest into the club and this money will certainly help in the stabilising of the club which has to be the priority. I would however expect some of these potential signings to be finalised as we are only a month away from the start of the season.
    Fulham at home will be interesting now!!!

  2. Great business, should be able to buy at least 5 good players for that amount, hope we spend it wisely because 5 good players are a minimum to what we need. MOT

  3. Great result. Money in the bank, Wage bill cut, and rid of someone who doesn’t want to play for us!

    Now maybe things will settle down and the club can move on..

  4. Now lets see the investment back into Leeds Utd, we have seen players go and the money disapear this is now the time to give us a team worthy to get us back in the big time. Thanks Ross for your effort, i think greed was the reason to go because Fulham are nearly as big as Guisley! Bye Ross and thanks for the memories….better still the butty we get from Fulham!

  5. If this is true then common sense has come to the table … well done Massimo, now go and invest some of it in some young Italian quality … GK-CB-DM for starters, and of course RMcC’s replacement.

  6. Well well cellino really does know his pasta 11mill take the money and run. He,s only worth 5 mill tops its time to go shopping now we can get down to buisiness. Fulham must be idiots more money than sense. AH AH AH AH LOL

  7. Excellent business by an excellent business man, where are all the Chellino detractors now eh? Thanks Ross, we’ll miss the goals but you don’t get to pick the manager


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