It is being reported that David Hockaday and Junior Lewis have been sacked by Massimo Cellino.

If he has been sacked, this can only be good for Leeds United in my opinion. We are getting a decent squad together and need a good head coach to make them play to their full potential.
More to follow…



  1. Dont agree with it hes tried to make us play football but we cannot keep 11 players on the pitch thats not his fault

  2. Although i have been very critical of hockaday i feel sorry for him the job at leeds was far too big for a non manager we need a really knowledgel manager to get these players to “play” like a garcia,sherwood, demateo, or my choice lennon

  3. Embarrassing for the poor bloke, but lets be honest he was only appointed as a yes/no man,its clear who’s pulling the strings? Lets appoint a manager who’s aloud to make his own decisions on the players we need but unfortunately it may be too late?Total shambles as usual.


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