Following the let down that was Blackburn away, the Wigan game offers a very good chance at 3 points. Wigan have parted company with manager Owen Coyle very recently and go into the game without a manager. So this can go one of two ways, either Wigan play awful like manager-less teams sometimes do or they can play out of their skins for whatever reason that may be. Because it’s Leeds they are playing it is very likely that they will play the best they ever have. Lets just hope it isn’t like previous Wednesday night games that we all thought we would win…

Going into the game we have suffered fresh injury news in the form of a Hip injury for Ross McCormack and a Knee injury for Tom Lees, making them both doubts. Now I’m not one to panic but Leeds without Ross McCormack!? Not forgetting that Blackstock is already injured, we may have to play Varney. Now I know this is a scary thought but try to stay calm, hopefully common sense will prevail and we will get to watch Poleon and Diouf instead, or at least Matt Smith. If Tom Lees is out of the game then we may have to ditch the 5-3-2/3-5-2 formation, unless Peltier gets put into the middle of the defence. I think the most important change in the team that Brian needs to make is in the wing back positions. Sam Byram and Stephen Warnock, especially Byram, HAVE to come back into the side. Lee Peltier and Danny Pugh at wing back is just cringe worthy to watch and I think it’s safe to say Warnock would have scored that chance at Blackburn… Byram speaks for himself, he is our best player and when he is in the team we tend to play 10x better. He is also our most creative player, if Ross is out then he will be vital.

I still think we will win the game, mainly due to the fact that Wigan don’t have a manager. With a big crowd expected, it should be a great atmosphere and hopefully this helps the players. We usually play better when there’s a good atmosphere. A good win could easily see us into the playoffs and with a game against a under-performing Watford at home again on Saturday this is a real chance for us to get up the table. If we come through these two games our next two are Doncaster and Barnsley, I’m not usually this positive but we could easily win all four.

Come on Leeds



  1. If I could just point out (as a big McD fan who is working with rubbish) the only team we have beaten this season presently occupying a top 10 place is Ipswich Town (and that is a false position for them). Wigan will, due to their squad, finish top 10, we have no right to expect to beat them.

  2. Like your optimism. McCormack has been our get out of jail card this season, really hope he can recover soon. Byram’s best performances last year were alongside Diouf but that combo is probably not in BMs thinking for tonight. I really can’t see Varney and Smith unlocking a Wigan team happy to take one point, so hope you’re right about Poleon.

  3. Gutted on saturday. Playing Pugh as a wing back is not an option for future. Blackburn pushed up and we ended up laying a flat bacg 5 and when the ball did go through midfield we were outnumbered. ” shots on goal and no penetration it was like Collin all over again. 7,000 Leeds fans left very dissapointed and once agin when we get the backing of the fans we fail to fire! Tonigh gives the opportunity to put it right but Byram and Poleon a must start tonigh. MOT

  4. !st sentence of your last paragraph doesn’t make sense…managerless Barnsley & Wednesday both sprung surprise wins last night!!


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