The only thing keeping most people from expecting Leeds’ Gaetano Berardi’s red card to be overturned in front of the FA was that Leeds’ history with decisions from ‘those above’ see The Football League and The Football Association tends to be less than harmonious.

Leeds made their appeal on the basis that Berardi wasn’t denying a clear goalscoring opportunity or ‘DOGSO’ as it has become popularly known. The FA did however see that there was contact made by Berardi, however minimal, and so the Milwall player involved would not be penalised for the deception of a match official.

With such clear mistakes being made and this in particular altering the outcome of the match as Leeds were forced to change their whole shape and direction due to the incompetency of the referee, calls will be made on the FA once more to improve the standards of refereeing in the football league.

This wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ contact was made, it was an improper application of the rules and Leeds suffered as a result. What measures are in place to ensure this official doesn’t make the same mistake again? Will he be relegated to a lesser game for the weekend, or perhaps given a suspension of his own? At present, things don’t seem to be getting better, at all.